Dr Oz: Tyson Beckford Belly-Busting Smoothie & Ab Workout Regimen


Dr Oz: Tyson Beckford Washboard Abs

Dr. Oz’s show on “Could You Survive” topics, including could you stay awake for 24 hours, could you survive on Tom Brady and Gisele’s Diet, could you wear Kim Kardashian’s Waist Trainer for a day and could you do Khole Kardashian’s ladder run workout? Then, Dr. Oz asked “Could survive a day on Tyson Beckford’s ab regimen?” Tyson admitted he first started paying attention to his abs when he was 13-years-old. He would do ab workouts like 500-1,000 crunches, all in one day! But of course, you can do all the crunches you want and never see any results if you’re eating the wrong things.

Tyson shared his go-to Belly Busting Smoothie but said the key is to drink a lot of water throughout the day as well.  Wait until you see the recipe on the next page…

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