Dr Oz: The VB6 Cookbook Mark Bittman & “Chorizo” Taco Recipe


Dr Oz: The VB6 Cookbook

If Dr. Oz said you could eat everything you wanted after 6 p.m. and still lose weight would you believe him? Today is your chance to meet the man who says it is possible because he has lost 30 pounds in 6 months without ever feeling deprived!

Dr Oz: Tofu “Chorizo” Tacos

Mark Bittman, author of The VB6 Cookbook, says while most diets focus on deprivation, his is based on delayed gratification, which is why you get to eat whatever you want at night. He says we all want to relax and kick back in the evening, so as long as you eat a healthy, mostly vegan diet, all day long you can indulge after 6.


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