Dr Oz: Weight Loss Quick Fix: Condiment & Sauce Recipes


Dr Oz: Mayonnaise Substitute

In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Erica, a Dr Oz Fan who previously weighed 328 lbs.  Erica had lost 178 lbs. and came to the show to give others her 3 Quick Fixes to Weight Loss.

1. Condiment Cures: Instead of mayonnaise, combine Greek yogurt, dill, and Worcestershire Sauce to use in chicken salad.  Dr Oz tasted the recipe and stated that it was delicious.  He also had the health factors checked out and found out that Erica’s condiment cure was a whopping 79 calories less per serving. That calculated to 6 lbs. of weight loss per year.

Dr Oz: Smell Banana to Prevent Cravings

2. Cravings Killer: Use bananas as a great snack to eat instead of junk food.  Erica stated that just smelling a banana helped her cut the cravings.  Dr Oz researched and found out that there are studies that support that Dr Oz Diet Quick Fixessniffing the fruit is actually tricking the brain into thinking that you’re eating it.

Dr Oz: Hot Sauce Recipe

3. Sauce Switches: Instead of using dressings that are high in fat, Erica mixes olive oil and balsamic vinegar for her salads.  She also makes her own hot sauce by using vinegar and peppers.  Place the mixture in a jar for a few days and then toss in a blender.  You can also add garlic and parsley for a zestier taste.


  1. says

    Dr. Oz,
    I really need your help. I am approx. 40 lbs. overweight, have sleep apnea plus three past back surgeries that limit exercise. My blood pressure is always in the area of 160/98 to 165/102. I need help, Dr.s don’t seem to care and I have gone to more than one. I am on
    Diovan 320 in the am. and 100 mg. Atenonal in the pm. I’m really getting scared. Please help! Tell me what I need to do.

  2. says

    Hello Dr. Oz:
    I am at my wit’s end. My husband gets hives all the time home, or far away. He is 69 and before 2 years ago, never had a hive or anything serious health wise, except lockjaw.He has seen regular doctors and dermatologists and allergists and no one can help him.
    Please help. Also on your Oct. 25 show a lady who lost weight used a marinading dish
    that she said she could marinade chicken in 5 min with. It had a pump on the top to
    release air. Do you know where I can get that and the cost of same.
    Thank you. Penny Goldman

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