Dr Oz: Wendy Williams Healthy Salad Recipe Options


Dr Oz: Salad Recipes

Dr Oz played a game called Let’s Make A Meal, and he had a surprise helper join him: Wendy Williams!  Many people think that salads are the best choice for a healthy meal, but many salads have hidden calories and fat that destroy your diet.  Here are some of Doctor Oz’s tips for how to make a healthy salad that won’t pack on the pounds!

Dr Oz: Spinach Salad

Dr Oz’s first question was which is the healthier option for a salad: spinach or arugula?  The answer is Popeye’s favorite food – Spinach!  The darkerDr Oz Salad Recipe the green, the better it is for you generally, so spinach is a great foundation for a salad.

Dr Oz: Hardboiled Egg Salad

Dr Oz’s next question was which is a better protein to add to your salad: a hardboiled egg or grilled chicken?  He said that one hardboiled egg is the best protein because it is lower in calories than chicken.  Plus, one egg is a great way to manage your portion size, because with chicken, you don’t know how much or how little you are really getting, nor do you know what kind of sauce the chicken may have been cooked in.

Dr Oz: Sunflower Seed Salad Topper

Dr Oz’s final question for Wendy Williams was which is healthier as a salad topper: sunflower seeds or raisins?  Wendy told Doctor Oz that she loves to add bacon to her salad (but that she knows that is not healthy), so she also likes carrots and chicken.  Dr Oz said that the best topper for a salad is Sunflower Seeds because it gives you a great energy boost, is full of B Vitamins and has protein.

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