Dr Oz’s 3 Day Detox Cleanse Drink Recipes & Printable Shopping List


Dr Oz Detox Shopping List

Dr. Oz has been sharing ways to Melt Your Fat Fast and now he has a very simple and easy detox cleanse for you to follow for 3 days to detoxify your body and give you more energy and feel more healthy overall. Now that you know your hormones are the key to unlocking the secret to losing fat, you can take some of the steps shared by Dr. Oz and his guests today. From eating the right foods at the right time to the best way to sleep at night, you now have the information you need to balance your hormones and turn your body into a fat burning machine.  I wonder how these Dr Oz Detox Drinks will taste compared to the Dr Oz 48 Hour Cleanse Drink Recipes. Don’t miss out on Dr. Oz’s Detox Shopping List on the next page!!!


  1. says

    how often can you detox? what intervals? since May i have lost 30lbs on the TeaDiet:(puerh). i am now at a standstili @the 30 lb loss BUT have @ least 20-25 more lbs to loose. looking forward to the detox because even with all the changes i’ve made in my eating habits i continue to have trouble with my bowels: constipation, irrigularity, hx of IBS. I am a present doing a parasite cleanse with a para-rid and para-sweep combo. i THOUGHT that was going to help the constipation but hasn’t………………HELP!

  2. Jack says

    Well, cat poop aside. Where the bejeezus is the shopping list and recipe. If I had a bajillion dollars my web site would cause a fishing expedition for those interested in what I was peddling. This here is nothing like what was advertised on the show.

  3. Sonja Davis says

    I can’t buy the fruit on this shopping list for $16 …let alone the rest of the list….and I live in a midwestern state where the cost of living is average.

  4. says

    This diet costs a lot more than $16. Just the almond butter alone costs about 5 dollars…Does everything need to be organic? That’s more money right there. Just sayin!

  5. elaine says

    I have acid reflux and mild gastritis, am not supposed to use lemon.lime,cayenne pepper or pineapple. what can I substitute if any ?

  6. Phyllis says

    Not enough food listed on the shopping list to make the 4th optional drink, i. e. 12 celery stalks, 4 per lunch drink equals 3 drinks only.

  7. AT says

    The diet is 3 days- celery is only at lunch 4×3=12
    I did the 48 hour cleanse was not hungry but I agree with supplements on this 3 day cleanse and organic vegetables will cost close to $100

    I have omega 3s and multi vitamins that I can’t cut in 1/2 and some pills shouldn’t be cut in 1/2 if the aren’t scored- multivitamins aren’t time released perhaps but still not sure with you can’t take a whole one twice a day if you’re only drinking these. Shakes. Not sure if I could just drink liquid for 3 days I may try this after thanksgiving.

  8. Brenda says

    I posted on the 48 hour cleanse post too.
    Once again, I live in a small town in SE NM and some of the items can’t be found here, I’m looking for substitutes with the same effect if possible?
    Ground flaxseed
    Do you have to use the stevia or can you go without it, I don’t like that stuff?

  9. Sandi says

    I have GERD and can not ingest anything citrus with having complications. There are lemons, limes and pineapple listed on the 3-day cleanse. What do I do? Can I just not use these ingredients?

  10. Janice Camos says

    Can you tell me what do you use the Epsom salts and Lavender Drops for? I am not seeing any information about that any where?

  11. Dee says

    The lavender and Epsom salt are for your nightly detox bath. 2 1/2 cups Epsom salt and ten drops of lavender oil in very hot water. Soak for at least half an hour I believe. I’m gonna do it but I will skip some of the items that are more expensive. I think the main thing is getting the fruits and veggies in. That is going to clean you out as well as being off of processed foods.

  12. Dee says

    Also the 16 dollar price tag is based on how much you use rather than how much you had to buy. So it doesn’t take into consideration that you have to buy the whole bottle of vitamins or the whole container of almond butter and coconut oil. I figured this out quick from watching 10 dollar dinners on the food channel…

  13. Molly says

    Is it just me or does the lunch drink make a huge portion? I was full after drinking just half of it! Do I need to force myself to drink all of it?

  14. Margie says

    I agree Molly the Lunch Drink is huge – my celery stalks and cucumber were quite large … wonder if I should only be using half. All I tasted was celery and cucumber…..

  15. says

    Would appreciate some more detail like-size of cucumber?-cut skin off cuke and apples?-cut string off celery?-can I use juicer for lunch(yuck)drink?-1/2 lime or lemon…what does that mean? just the juice? throw the whole thing in? including the seeds and pith? can’t cut vitamins in 1/2?

  16. Candice says

    Can you drink water during the day the of cleansing and can u use frozen berries instead of fresh because they are out of season and quite expensive.

  17. elma hernandez says

    I have acid reflux, dr.oz. If the shake calls for lemon juice or pineapple…is there another ingredient I can substitute for these ? Excited, Elma

  18. Carla says

    The Lunch Drink is so horrible— It took me almost two hours to finish it and I had to chase each mouthful of lunch drink with a mouthful of water. Also, I have not gagged on food in years- but oh yes- the lunch drink did it for me. I don’t know how I am going to get through another two days of this…

  19. Andres says

    Carla, I’m with you! I just did the Lunch drink 10 minutes ago. This is bad!

    Can I throw some Stevia is this puppy? I’m staring down at this tumbler full of green and I’m very sad. Day 1.

  20. azalia says

    I started today is it just me or does this detox make u sick. I got really sick to my stomach feel,like throwing up. Anyone experiencing this?

  21. Peg says

    I started the 3 day cleanse today…as others have said…breakfast and dinner drinks are okay, but the lunch drink was impossible to get down. I drank about half of it, before I had to give up. Left me queasy.

  22. azalia says

    Do you know if a have to take that extra drink Cus I’m full and don’t think I can drink an extra drink.

  23. Andres says

    I’m not drinking the extra drink.

    So I have a question about the bath. I’m I just supposed to soak, or scrub down with the salts?

  24. Brandi says

    Hey all, I can offer some insight into the questions some of you are asking. I’m a 38 yo F, about 20# overweight that has crept on after having had a hysterectomy a year ago. My metabolism went all amok after my surgery – so I saw this cleanse & thought I’d give it a shot.
    I’m now on day 3 of the cleanse, and I have altered it slightly to my taste (it doesn’t do any good if you don’t drink it). I also have my teenaged kids doing it (although they are eating “regular” healthy meals, too – so it’s more of a supplement for them, rather than a cleanse). I opted for a couple of changes:
    First, I can’t stand Kale blended up in anything – especially with fruit. I make myself an evening salad of Kale and Baby Spinach, along with the other half of the cucumber I didn’t include in my lunch shake. I put some Apple Cider Vinegar on it, and I eat this as a “meal” with my family. I also have added organic chicken breast with my evening salad. I really believe that the protein helps with the feeling of being satisfied, and it regulates my blood sugar. I was going to do protein shakes but realized they have whey – and I’m avoiding dairy. This is completely personal preference because I know it goes against the “cleanse” idea; but it is still eating clean, and I wanted to be able to stick with it. I get hungry, dang it, and I know I won’t stick with it if I feel weak or like I’m starving all the time. The protein is the extra that I need to get me through it.
    Second, I opted to continue with my high-quality cayenne capsules (I also take Curcumin), as the cayenne in the dinner shake was just too weird for me.
    I use frozen wild blueberries, and I add a few drops of Stevia to my shakes. I also omitted the celery from my lunch shake because, well, I just hate it and it makes me gag. I also add oat bran to every shake, because I need the fiber.
    I don’t think you have to stick hard-and-fast to the rules – these are all wonderful, REAL foods so you just can’t go wrong (even if you do change things up a bit). I also use Yerba Mate tea instead of green tea – and I’m a huge coffee addict, so that’s been the hardest part. But I’m mid-day 3, and it’s quite do-able.
    I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight (it would be water weight, anyway) – but I’ll weigh tomorrow. I have noticed that my acne-prone skin is looking much better.
    The worst part was the awful headache and fatigue on day 2 – a real “healing crisis” for me, I was down and out. I’m also fighting a sinus infection, though, which is part of the reason I’m doing the cleanse in the first place. I needed to find a way to get myself off of dairy and processed foods. This was definitely gentle.
    And for the record? The ingredients were almost $200 for me – but I am also doubling the recipes because my teenaged kids are having the shakes, too. And I saved money on the almond butter by going fresh-ground at the organic section of my supermarket, but I realize that many people don’t have that option. I was able to buy only what I needed.
    I think the biggest indicator of the effectiveness of the real food needs to be my kids, though. I have been so amazed at how they have taken to these shakes! (Even asking for them in the morning!) They have lots of energy (but they usually do, anyway) but I would almost swear (but don’t want to influence anyone with anecdotal evidence) that they are both in better moods, sleeping better, and more focused. I, myself, feel sort of rundown still (because of the darned sinus infection) but I feel like the bloating and the general “ick” I had in my gut is feeling much better, and I think my waist is smaller.
    And the bath? Pretty cool to say “Not now, kids, I HAVE to take my bath now.” I was able to find lavendar scented epsom salts (and everything else I needed) at Fred Meyer.
    Phew – long review!! 🙂
    Hope this helps anyone considering it!

  25. Toni says

    I bought all the ingredients for my husband and I (except vitamins) and my grocery bill was $136.

    Back story, I hate kale, celery, and cucumber. Hmm…

    The breakfast shake was fine. I didn’t have to choke it down or anything.

    An hour ago my husband called and told me I would have a hard time drinking the lunch shake (we made his before he left for work.)

    He was not joking. I gagged and could not get more than 2 ounces in. I threw it out and made another breakfast shake, but instead of almond butter I put the coconut oil in. It’s actually pretty decent.

    I’m terrified of the kale in the dinner shake, but I’m gonna have to suck it up and plow through. I realize I won’t be following the cleanse properly, but seriously, who the heck can stomach that vile lunch? LOL.

    Good luck all. I would love to hear more people’s opinions in the coming days.

  26. Travis says

    Breakfast was fine. Lunch was the most god-awful concoction I’ve ever eaten, and that’s saying a lot after being in the Army for 19 years. I’m hoping dinner is much better. I’m going to suffer through this just so the wife has to keep doing it with me. 😀

  27. Travis says

    breakfast came out to 1 glass.
    lunch came out to 2 glasses.
    I haven’t done dinner yet but is that about right?

  28. azalia says

    On day 2 and I’ve lost a inch off my waist and 2 pounds total will update Sunday, the day after I finish with total weight lost and inches lost. note: I’m also working out 30 mins a day . And I have to agree that lunch drink is something else, and equals to 2 big glasses I drank 1glass yesterday and saved the other glass for todays lunch Cus that amount is just not gonna,work for me. Good luck everyone.

  29. Andres says

    OK, I cheated!!

    not really… I think.

    For the lunch drink I added Stevia and put more Pineapple, a bit more almond milk and one less celery stalk, I’ll eat that with some almond butter if I need to.

  30. marion grainger says

    I am on day 3…..2 more shakes to go,I followed it 100% my husband also,the problem for both of us we are both constipated,is that normal??any suggestions!!!!

  31. Gloria says

    I’ve just finished day 3 and I thought it was all very good, although more than the $16.00. Unlike most everyone else above, I enjoyed the lunch smoothie, but then I like celery and cucumber. It was a lot to drink, but still good. Favorite was the dinner smoothie. I followed it to the T, except for the bath. I, too, am constipated and hopefully that clears itself out before I do my weigh in tomorrow morning. I didn’t weight myself during the three days. I didn’t feel tired or less energetic at all. I was never hungry.

  32. Toni says

    Gloria, I salute you! Holy cow, at the end of day 1 my husband and I are famished. We aren’t big people either; he’s 145 pounds, I am 130. I am really hoping tomorrow is a better day. So far I feel like this is just an exercise in starvation.

  33. Mary Beth says

    I’ve made it through two days. Day one was the hardest because everything was unknown. I agree the instructions stink. Peel/no peel? buying for the extra shake (im out of avocado). Do you drink your normal 64-80 oz of water (i do)? Etc. I bought all fozen fruit so that my smoothies would be cold. I have followed everything as exact as possible. Breakfast is the smallest drink and my least favorite. The raspberries make me cough. But it’s gone before I know it. Lunch is two huge glasses. I realized on day 1 that I’d be “eating” (drinking) all day! I put the second glass in the freezer while I work down the first glass. The lunch shake grew on me. By glass two of the four I felt it was “applesauce” and liked it. My snack and dinner are the same. That shake is also huge but not two glasses. Just one very full tall tervis tumbler. I drink them all with straws and not as a sit down thing. As im going aboit my day. Yes the pepper was weird at first. It grew on me. After two full days, I’m constipated which makes NO sense with what I’m eating and drinking. I have not been hungry ay all but have been “bored” with the smoothies verses a regular meal. Im not tired. I feel good. I think day three will be the easiest. I don’t have the results yet as I didn’t weigh/measure yet. Maybe I will come back and update. I did a low carb thing for three days before this and lost 3 from that. I’m hoping to get 3 lbs out of each and then ease back in to a low carb thing. Prior to that I was consuming too many processed/sugary foods and was feeling lousy.

  34. Donna says

    I havn’t started yet because I am allergic to both almonds & coconut?? You all are scaring me. Can we just eat the ingredients?? separately??

  35. Toni says

    Donna, I think you can do it without the almond butter or coconut oil. Can you eat sunflower butter? That’s loaded with protein and fat, too (in a good way).

    My husband and I are now on Day 2, eating lunch. I cannot eat the lunch one (I threw up). But I am very picky. I ate 2 breakfasts and 2 dinner shakes yesterday. I am doing the same thing today. My husband is following it to the “T” but I can’t do it.

    It really is not that bad. It is frustrating, but fun at the same time.

    This morning I was about 3 to 4 pounds down from yesterday morning. I normally weigh between 128-130 and I was 125 today. I guess it is working.

    I think it helps to do it with a partner (misery loves company!)

  36. Colleen says

    I don’t see any mention of drinking water with this cleanse. Are we supposed to drink lots of water? No water?

  37. chad says

    My wife and I just finished the three day cleanse. I am still wondering whether we were supposed to drink water during this cleanse.. Anyone know?

    Anyway we had a great experience with this cleanse. Although we both had our moments of wanting to cave in and eat, we held each other accountable and made it through. I have lost 6 lbs and my wife 5 lbs. The only tip I have is for the lunch smoothie, make sure to peel the cucumber down till you can not see much green left, and to only put in 2 big celery stalks or 4 small ones. Also add a little more almond milk. and blend the heck out of it. Once I got it more liquidity, it was much easier to get down. haha. Good luck to all

  38. says

    I had these products already on had:
    •Multivitamin Supplement
    •Omega 3 Supplement
    •Cayenne Pepper
    •3 Green Tea Bags
    •3 tablespoons Almond Butter
    Water and blender.
    I purchased everything esle on the list from walmart. 63.00 dollars.
    I hope its worth it.

  39. Susan says

    Anyone do this cleanse only drinking 3 drinks a day? I was so full after the lunch drink I don’t think I could get another one down before dinner drink.

  40. Terry says

    I went in on this with a friend. I paid aprox $30 (not $16). We got organic everything. She already had the almond butter, coconut oil & green tea. I have the mega blender and apples. Splitting some items helps. The lunch portion ~ well it did not go down easy but hey for 3 days. My question is ~ no mention of water. Anyone know if you can drink a glass between each smoothie??

  41. Andres says

    finished it.

    I must say that I never drank the extra drink, the 3 was enough. I also was bad about water, I never drank water, probably should have, but I was never thirsty.

    Lost 5 pounds. but I’m not too impressed.

    I will give this out as a warning. This morning, I went back to real food and I got a little sick from the real food, it was eggs, chorizo and fried potatoes, I know it’s greasey, but darn it I wanted real food. Anyways, I felt like I was on survivor eating a burger after 10 days of just rice. So my stomach was upset. I might just have a salad tonight, so the advice would be go back to normal food gradually, not like me.


  42. Toni says

    My husband and I just finished the cleanse. OH HAPPY DAY!

    I am feeling pretty mixed about the whole cleanse, but will know the full brunt of what I’ve done after I weigh myself in about a week. Once I hit 40, this past year, I notice it takes a little longer for the scale to register the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, I might not see the full effect of this till next week.

    As of now, I’ve lost an inch off my hips and waist, and am down 3 pounds.

    My husband and I felt pretty depressed doing this over a weekend. We did it as such as we would have greater access to the blender when we were home, and not at work. But it was sad not having a cocktail and socializing over some shrimp. Another difficult thing was making my kids’ dinner and not being able to sneak a bit. Even more, we felt famished the entire time. This was probably a good thing as we needed to shrink our tummies a bit.

    I could not stomach the lunch smoothie, so I would have 2 breakfast shakes, and 2 dinner shakes. My husband (being extremely faithful in following the cleanse) drank the lunch shake. I found it helped to throw in half a cup of ice for all the shakes, and drink them through a straw. I even did this with the dinner shake, cayenne pepper and all. It helped to have them cold as can be.

    I think the cleanse has made me see what I already knew, but never got proof of before. I look and feel better than usual. My complexion is rosy clear and flushed. NICE! Also, my poop smells like manure. While that sounds disgusting, it’s much fresher than after a night of beer and wings. it just makes sense to eat more fruits and veggies. And if that’s all I gained from this, that really counts for something.

  43. cheryl says

    Started thi son the weekend, but gave up Sunday afternoon, I just wanted to see how things would taste. Today is officially my first day and yep< i hate the lunch shake. As for the afternoon shake I had it after 4 cause I wasn't feeling for anything. I spread out how i take things. After the tea, i was full, had the breakfast shake around 9:30 this morning, took the vitamin n probotic close to 11:30, then a cup of peppermint tea n ginger to get rid of my headache. Lunch shake around 1 and the vitamin and omega around 2:30. Vitamin cannot be cut, i took 2 full vitamin,. Not sure if I am on the right track, I am going to do this until the almond butter is finish. Also just to get my money's worth. So far everything seems good. STill hate the lunch, it taste gross and leave a nasty after taste.

  44. Robin says

    First day, last day. Around 5 I had a mental breakdown, I was just ANGRY about not being able to eat, I had a headache, and I couldn’t bring myself to swallow the supper shake. It was no grosser than the others, I’d just had enough. Instead I ate mushroom soup. So to all of you able to do this for 3 days, I commend you. But it’s definitely not worth it to me. I’m supposed to feel energized and light, I just feel gross and miserable, and that is not going to help me with anything health wise. Good luck to the rest of you!

  45. Jack says

    My wife and I completed the cleanse last week. I really don’t feel better or worse than I did before. I do not have the best eating habits, but I do work out at least an hour five/six days a week. Good hard workouts, no mamby pamby stuff. I sweat. That said, the diet was expensive. Much more than sixteen dollars a day even. Almond butter is eight bucks a pound minimum around here. That combined with the coconut water and the almond milk were in excess of twenty bucks.

    Synopsis: It was like having the flu for three days, headaches (from toxin release?) I woke up the second night feeling as though I had a fever. Uncontrollable shivering earlier that night. Lost six pounds at the end. This week I’m still four lbs down and exhausted at eight in the evening.

  46. Michael says

    Andres, I think that maybe a small part of this cleanse is to help us change our regular eating habits. Of course, we all want “regular” food, but that doesn’t have to mean going back to exactly how we ate before we cleansed. Wouldn’t we actually WANT to try to wean ourselves off the junk and try to substitute better options? After three days of extreme cleansing, you go back and eat chorizo and fried potatoes, and you wonder why you got sick? You could always find healthier “real” food to transition back to the “real” world. Good luck everyone.

  47. Michael says

    For everyone who’s complaining about the cost, after three days, did you run out of almond butter, flaxseed meal, or almond milk, cayenne pepper, vitamins, etc? I don’t think so. You’ll have those things for a while longer. It’s like the days that you have to buy the “extras” at the grocery store like toilet paper, paper towels, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, etc. You pay more that week, but you don’t have to do it again for ages. Think about it that way.

  48. Christine says

    I just started today and feel fine so far. The lunch shake was horrible. I tasted it before I put in the cucumber and it seemed okay, but after that it was BAD! And I love veggies, so I”m surprised it was so bad. ANother site suggested adding some juice. I may just play with it so I can at least get it down. I thought I was gonna lose it so I just didn’t drink it. And the dinner shake is ok – not crazy about hot pepper so I just put in a tiny bit. I could drink the breakfast shake every day – loved it. Darn that there’s only one glass of that and the other 2 there’s way too much! One thing I have to say – C’mon peeps – it’s only for 3 days – you can do it!

  49. Mary says

    I’m on day one dinner shake..so far so good..I actually didn’t mind the lunch shake. I didn’t use the cayenne …wonder if it matters. I did feel more energetic today..maybe just in my mind? Is lavendar necessary? Hope I can do all three days!

  50. mary says

    Hi day 1. Wondering a) how much fluids should I have, 2) is a coffee ok once on awhile?, 3) I live in Canada, cost over $100 for ingredients, 4) lunch drink is huge!, 5) more directions on fluids and preparation would be nice.

  51. Sylvia says

    I started the cleanse today. I bought all the ingredients last night for about $85. I had some stuff on hand already. But would have cost a lot more had I had to buy every single item on my list. I prepared and put all the ingredients in baggies and marked them all for Breakfast, Lunch, Snack and Dinner. All I have to do now is grab a baggie, pour it in the blender with some ice and I will have a good delicious and nutritious smoothie for the next 3 days. I like fruits and vegetables and don’t see a problem with any of the drinks other than wanting to eat some solid foods. But it is only for 3 days. Surely I can make it? Right? I like the idea of using the rest of the Kale and Spinach as a dinner salad with chicken. Can’t wait for Friday to eat a good salad.

  52. T says

    Started the detox today, breakfast was a strange color. My coworker used frozen raspberries and I used organic. The color looked better with the frozen raspberries. The lunch shake was very bright green, almost neon. I used half of the celery and half a cucumber. I think I can make it through the 3 days……time will tell

  53. Linda says

    Me and a few girlfriends started today.. Spent about $100 a piece… One of us quit after first shake, one is on way to dinner at Mexican place and I’m sitting here trying not to think about chips and salsa while drinking the dinner shake…I know I can do breakfast tomorrow, maybe lunch probably not dinner…. Texture is pretty bad…I ate the whole avacado I’m still hungry.. I don’t have too much will power… Hoping ill lose something after my bath….I think a glass of wine sounds way better than cayenne covered mango, blueberry kale!!!!! I have drank a lot of water hope that is good!

  54. Toni says

    I did the cleanse over a week ago, but am still getting updates on the cleanse. Thought I would update what I think now that I am a little more removed from it all.

    In retrospect, both my husband and I would NOT do the cleanse again. We are both healthy, fit, and eat pretty decently. During the cleanse I lost 3-4 pounds, husband 3 pounds. Two days after the cleanse we were both at our pre-weight. That tells me it was just water weight we lost. Regaining all the weight is not a reason not to do it but if weight loss is what you are in it for, you might be disappointed. I was, but I’m a chick and it’s half the reason I do all the crazy things I do. I guess I was just expecting miracles. HA! The other benefit of doing the cleanse for me would be feeling cleaner, lighter, better. We didn’t feel that much better though. Upon our first days eating normal food after the cleanse, my husband and I both had diarrhea (and that was eating Greek yogurt and fruit, whole wheat pasta with tomatoes, and a spinach salad).

    If I learned anything (which I did) it would be to simply take all the money I spent on the cleanse and eat all the fruits and veggies in their whole, natural state for a few days. I have been doing more of that in the past week.

  55. Beverly Hagler says

    I have bee on other detox. diets several times under the supervision of health professional so Itherefore can do some comparison In my opinion , if possiblle, it is best to follow the recipe to the tee because there is good scientific reason for every step. Ifollowed the plan for three days and had NO food cravings,no weakness, and did most of the things I nomally do. The items required, are costly,but I have spent as much as $500.00 for a detox. this is the least I have spent,and it has been very benifial. I certainly don’t crave foods,especally,sweets the way I usually do,and the blooting and GAS is gone.LOVED THE PROGRAM.

  56. Lisa in NY says

    I think we all agree the lunch shake is pretty bad. On day 2 I only used 2 celelry, half cucumber (peeled) and it was a little more bearable. It took me 2 hours to drink it the first day! I live outside of NYC so all ingredients were easy and relatively inexpensive to obtain. Compared to other cleanses such as Blueprint this is very affordable. I am still on day 2 so I have a whole day to go. I may use the breakfast shake in the future.

  57. Nikki in Nor Cal says

    I purchased all the ingredients X 2 for me and my husband and it was under 100$. I purchased frozen rasberries and blueberries which reduced the fruit cost in half. I shopped for the coconut oil in bulk so this helped me to only buy what I needed. You may have to be resourcful but this detox can be purchased for around 16$ per person per day. 🙂

  58. Dee says

    I started this morning, morning shake was good, it made 1 glass. Lunch shake was…the lunch shake, not so good, but I’ve tolerated the first glass after reading the blogs…I guess I’m going to go and finish off the second glass. It wasn’t to hard I used a straw and I like fr uits and vegetables. I don’t think I’ll have room for the snack…so I’ll skip it. I’m looking forward to the Dinner it sounds spicy. (Like it will be the meat in the meal). I really think the instructions were remiss. I put that whole half of lime in there, and had to spit out bits. I already had, epson salt, omega 3, coconut oil, cayenne, flaxseed, lavender oil, and almond butter the balance, about $75 or $25 a day. will return as things develop.

  59. Tami says

    I have done the cleanse and thought my experience could help with some of your questions. Keep in mind that I was doing this just to remove toxins and hopefully get improvement in my skin and hair. I’m not overweight and didn’t lose any weight or have a decreased waist size after the cleanse.

    1) You will not be able to buy the ingredients for $16. Unless you regularly keep a large supply of these things on hand, it will cost closer to $80 in an area with average cost of living. In addition, you may need to buy a new blender. The first time I tried this my blender died trying to make the lunch shake. I bought a Vitamix (I hear Blendtec and some Breville can also get through the lunch shake). Total cost for cleanse $460.

    2) You do not have to follow the cleanse to the letter. For example, my husband did this with me and he has nut allergies. I substituted sunbutter for the almond butter and coconut milk for the almond milk. I also took the cayenne pepper out of the dinner recipe because the taste was so bad neither my husband nor I wanted to finish the dinner after the first drink even though we were both hungry.

    3) The recipe doesn’t explain this, but a lot of people have questions about whether or not to peel the fruits and vegetables. My rule of thumb was if I could eat the peel regularly (like the cucumber) I kept it. If I didn’t normally eat it (like the lime), I took it off.

    4) You may get headaches due to caffeine withdrawal (not a problem for me, but was for my husband) or simply the toxins being removed. You can use a tea with some caffeine in it, and feel free to drink more water during the day if needed. My husband ended up having a second cup of tea later in the day also.

    5) Everyone’s tastes vary. I did not find the lunch or dinner shakes to be very tasty (Neither did my husband). If you can stand to drink everything down, chances are you won’t be hungry during the cleanse. If you can’t stand to drink it, you’ll need to modify the recipe so that you can. For example, decrease the amount of celery in the lunch shake and add more pineapple and a dash of cinnamon to help get it down. Even if you’re not hungry, you probably won’t feel satisfied. I wanted to cry as I looked at my first dinner shake because I just really wanted to “chew” something or have something that wasn’t cold to eat.

    6) Before starting, make sure that nothing in the detox will adversely affect medications you are taking. Some medications cannot be taken with any types of citrus in which case you’ll need to ditch the lemons and limes.

    7) If you are feeling light-headed or dizzy, you’ll need to get something to eat. The morning of day 2 I blacked out while in the shower. My case was low blood sugar (I’m not diabetic, but changing a diet as drastically as going on the cleanse can affect people differently) and I continued the cleanse by having my morning shake and tea immediately, and drinking a little bit of cranberry juice during the day to keep from passing out.

    8) Schedule the cleanse when you don’t have to be in public. I found that I only needed to urinate more frequently on day 1. Other than that I didn’t go to the bathroom any more than usual. However, day 1 and the early part of day 2 it smelled like something dead was trying to crawl out of me and my husband both. Be kind to family, friends, and coworkers–stay away.

    9) The people who claim that this is super easy and cheap to do are lying or live in a different dimension than I do. I did this while having to work, and it wasn’t easy trying to find time to make up the shakes and eat prior to going to work. There is also difficulty in deciding if you want to make your lunch shake early and refrigerate it until later (becomes much harder with time- take it out of the refrigerator and let it sit for 10-15 minutes, then stir before trying to drink it) or take all of your supplies to work and make it fresh (possibly you’d have to do this with the “bonus” shake too).

    10) Shake making is time consuming, you will probably not be satisfied after drinking them, and you may have side-effects from doing the cleanse. Keep this in mind when you are getting ready to started and try to find a time when you will be able to address any unforeseen issues that may arise and try to find someone to stick it out with you and keep you motivated. Good luck!

  60. Mary says

    Hi I tried to go on cleanse, but on day 2 felt whoosy and dizzy. My eyesight started going strange. So, I stuck to the breakfast smoothie which actually does taste good, and changed up the other two. I found the supper smoothie to be horrible. I did find my cravings for carbs and coffee slowed down considerably, and I did lose a few pounds.
    I now have the breakfast smoothie daily, and it fills me until lunch time
    I do add a bit more kale and celery to this one as it doesn’t taste too bad and I can handle it. Good luck everyone, these things are never as easy or as economical as presented. Mine cost around $100.00. It bothers me when stuff is promoted as being so inexpensive! Doctor Oz, help us out!

  61. DD says

    I think there is some confusion over the price. Lots of people seem to be under the impression that the cleanse would cost $16 in total, which is not true. Dr. Oz said it would cost about $16 PER DAY, not in total. In other words, $16 per day for 3 days, which equals $48 in total. Based on that, I was expecting to pay around $50-60, but it was closer to $100 because the probiotics and other supplements were quite pricey. Only on the first day so far, hope it works for me.

  62. C. Dickinson says

    i have not, and will not, do this “cleanse”. I have, however, gone on 2, 40 day juice fasts, so I am familiar with a fast. This particular plan sounds like a miserable excuse for eating healthy. And, you can eat healthy, and enjoy it, too, with just a little thoughtful care. Reading the results,I would also have to conclude–this plan makes people gag from disgusting taste, and tends to cause constipation and hunger. You can save money and avoid misery–just eat healthy, wholesome foods, and all other things in moderation. Good luck–

  63. Mary Beth says

    I agree with c Dickinson that the detox is an excuse to eat healthy. But not a miserable excuse. Some people like me just need some mindless boundaries to follow for a few days to get ourselves back on track. I don’t find any of the shakes awful. I actually craved the spicy one after doing the “detox” in November before thanksgiving. I’m doing it again now. I’m on day two. I lost 3 pounds the first time and kept it off by eating healthy afterwards. I just needed something to get myself in that mode of discipline and less eating! And this detox doesn’t leave you hungry. Just bored I guess. Because you miss chewing! If you are going to do anything for three days straight this seems like a good balance of.nutrients. I also didn’t have increased bowel movements. Which seems impossible but nothing noteworthy yet this time either. Maybe it’s not long enough?

  64. Lorraine says

    Do you need to take a probiotic supplement or can you replace that with Greek yogurt???

  65. Amy says

    I was wondering if I could just eat the fruits and veggies whole rather than putting them in a smoothie. I like everything in them, but putting them all together makes them taste disguisting. Help

  66. Andrea says

    Starting tomorrow, please advise if need the probiotic supplement or replace with greek yogurt as asked by Lorraine on the 4th!

  67. MLR says

    Hi Lorraine,

    I am on the 2nd day and not taking the probiotic, but realize bowel movement is not normal. However my experience with a probiotic in the past was not great – loads of gas and a bit uncomfortable. I too would like advice on that part.

  68. Lorraine says

    I ened up buying the probiotic supplement. Made it to the end of the 3day cleanse but didn’t like any of the smoothies, but I did it for a fast detox from all the unhealthy goodies over the holidays. Thank you for the feed back MLR:)

  69. Lorraine says

    I ended up buying the probiotic supplement. I made it to the end of the cleanse. Didn’t like the mix of ingredients but I did need a fast detox to get back on track after all the sinful goodies during the holidays. Thank you MLR for the response:)

  70. Susan says

    I just completed a 21-day fast with my church. The first week I did the Master Cleanser, followed and I did the Dr Oz 3-day Detox this past weekend. I followed the diet to the T and lost 4 lbs after the 3rd day and a total of 13.8lbs after the 21 days of my Daniel Fast. As everyone states, the luch shake was A LOT and nasty, but I stomached it because I really wanted to see how this would make me feel in the long run. I spent around $150 for all the ingrediants, but I bought more fruits and vegatable than needed and cooked the kale and blended the rest of the fruit the last days of my fast, which made very delicious smoothies. I don’t regret doing this. Although it was expensive, my skin is clearer. I had dark spots (fungus) on my toenails and they have cleared up, which I was not expecting. The lavendar bath did make me sleepy and I had a very restful nights sleep and continue to put lavender and epson salt in my baths to this day. My energy level has ski rocketed and I was able to job and entire 30 mins on my threadmill. I fully recommend this detox if you are able to stomach the smooties. My only question is, if I want to do this again, how often should it be down? Once a month? Every other week? Does anyone have any recommendations on that?

  71. Ima Pats fan says

    I am on Day 2 Lunch shake. Yesterday I actually cried as I tried to “eat” this shake, which was 2 glasses full. Today I had to break down and add some Stevia and cinnamon…..tastes like applesauce and much easier to get down. The breakfast shake is fine and I like the Dinner shake. I did wake up with a headache this morning. Although I am surprised to find myself not craving coffee I am craving chicken and salad!!! This is a good think as yesterday ( Day 1) I was craving a Steak and Cheese Sub 🙂 I did nibble on a few handfuls of raw Kale yesterday,,,as I felt that need to eat something solid….Down 2 pounds after day 1

  72. Stephanie says

    Day 1, breakfast was good. Lunch was hard to swallow, it was so thick. The taste wasn’t bad but boy oh boy. I hope dinner is better. I spent over $50 on food alone. I hope this works and I feel a difference once I’m finished with day 3.

  73. Sandy says

    I have got the recipe for the 3 day detox cleanse. My question is , How much of this do I drink with each meal ie: breakfast, lunch, dinner?

  74. says

    I never miss your shows. I watch them in the evening out here. I’m sad to say that the majority of your diets and foods are not meant for me. There are many others like me who cannot have fiber. If I have more than 1/4 cup, I am doubled over in pain in the bathroom. The pain is so bad I feel like I want to die, so I am very careful about the foods I do eat. I want to try this detox, but I’m afraid what it will do to me. When I go to the Olive Garden and order their famous potatoe and sausage soup, they have to take the kale out for me. I wish your program had menus and information for people like me. I cannot partake in any of your diet foods as they include fiber. I am never constipated. Just the opposite. I don’t have access to a health food store and believe it or not, there are millions of people in this world that have this same problem. Please tape some shows based on people with IBS. Thank you!! P.S. My incoming e-mail hasn’t been working for months. Just my outgoing mail works. It comes through but is hung up somewhere in Yahoo. If you would be kind enough to reply via regular mail, I would greatly appreciate it. My address is 5725 Westfield Street, Yorba Linda, CA 92887. Thank you again!!!!

  75. Nancy says

    I’m on day #2 and I do feel light headed and a little dizzy. I read someone’s comment that said if you feel like this you need to eat something. But what should I eat…. an apple, an orange, a piece of toast? I’ve worked hard so far to get through this, argh! She said she drank some cranberry juice, I don’t have any but maybe I’ll try orange juice. Oh and even though I’m following the recipes, with the exception of cutting down on cuke & celery in the lunch drink, I
    AM HUNGRY!! These do not fill me up and I’ve been drinking a ton of water hoping that would help, but I’m still hungry!! I can’t wait for this to be over, ugh.

  76. Martina says

    On Day 2 and already down two lbs. Decided for the lunch shake to use 1/2 cucumber,2 stalks of celery and did the rest of the recipe as is and used one packet of Stevia-what a difference that made and was only a little over a glass-much better tasting.

  77. Carol says

    Stevia is an excellent sweetner, all the incredients are mixed together beautifully, foods need other foods to work well, like a buddy system. The shakes taste great when you know all the great stuff going into them. Yummy!! Day one and my hubby and I are feeling great! Thank you Dr.Oz.

  78. Brandy says

    I saw a lot of complaints about the lunch smoothie. I have to say I loved it! I do think the key is to use raw cold processed coconut oil, it will give your smoothie the coconut flavor. I also did add about a 1/4 cup more almond milk.

  79. gwen Hayes says

    Is there a substitute for coconut oil!! Im highly allergic to coconut!! Please give me a substitute.. I want to start the detox diet soon!!

  80. Janine says

    My husband and I are both doing the detox. We are both overweight. Day 1 of the detox. I actually like the lunch shake better then the dinner. I added some cinnamon and it made a huge difference. Hubby agrees, and we both love the breakfast shake. I am filling in all day with green tea and lemon water. For the people with Gerd(which I have too) I actually feel good and have not needed medication. The before breakfast time I had a burning but once I started the shakes it subsided. I am really trying not to take any medication. I get the impression that people are not treating their headaches. I am wondering what to have for the first meals to keep everything in check.

  81. says

    My boyfriend and I are getting ready to try this cleanse starting tomorrow. I have read a lot of negative comments about the lunch shake, but I also read other tips which suggest peeling the cucumber and remove its seeds and also to not use the lime rind or lime pulp, just its juice. That’s what I plan to try, so I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow! Good luck to everyone!

  82. Mel says

    It helps to de-seed your cucumber for the lunch shake. A lot of the overwhelming cucumber taste is in the seeds. I thought all the drinks were edible, no gagging or throwing up, but I eat pretty well normally, with a lot of veggies.

  83. John says

    We thought we would make and try the drinks firts befor we started the 3 day plan. Breakfast and Dinner drinks great the Lunch drink was horrable. I tried reblending in the food processor and still wants to make us gag.
    We don’t like cucumber so we substituted with more Kale and peas. Its the celery is what just does not belong in a drink.
    So I cooked up choped celery, kale, onions and few slivers of carrots with cocunut oil salt and pepper and some drops of sesame oil. I wonder if this would be acceptable substitution?? Its the only way I know to get the celery down.
    Oh grind the flax seed with a coffee or herb grinder before putting in the drink. This eliminates whole seeds in the drinks.
    Does anyone have a good substitue for the cucumbers?

  84. Tammy says

    Just finished this 3 day detox and it definitely has pros/cons. Pros include the added energy, loss of weight (5lbs) and a natural way to cleanse. Cons include the expensive fruits, veggies and supplements ($100+ for my husband and I). I also must warn you all that the lunch shake was an extremely gross blend of kale and celery that led to my husband “throwing in the towel” and finding an alternative to cleanse after just the first day. Yes, it was THAT bad! Haha I stuck to it and ate the kale, celery and cucumbers separately for the second day. That was still disgusting, so for the third day I blended everything except the celery and just ate that with some almond butter. It all stayed down, thankfully! All in all… This was a great experience, as my first cleanse and I plan to do it every 6 months. It was weird to drink my meals for three full days, but definitely worth it and I’m about to have a REAL breakfast (healthy, of course)! Good luck to all!!!

  85. Sarah says

    Hello! I am halfway through my second day and I must say it is better than yesterday. I am honestly not that hungry, but I do keep drinking water all day. The first day the lunch drink was AWFUL, and I had already cut it down to 2 celery and 1/2 cucumber because it was just too much. But I got on here yesterday and read some ways to make it better. Today, I put one celery and half cucumber, added cinnamon and I could actually drink the whole thing. After the first day I have already lost 3lbs, but I also workout so I am sure that helped. So far I am really enjoying it and am pleased. I will feel accomplished once tomorrow is over. :]

  86. Chris says

    I have finished day one and I have to say, this is not that bad. I eat healthy for the most part and just wanted a “reset”. I went gluten free in January which has been great, but we started adding gluten free substitutes and some weight started coming back on. I’m hoping this cleanse will eliminate some of my sugar cravings and keep me on the gluten free path.

    I actually like the lunch shake. I used 2 large celery stalks and 1/2 of a peeled english cucumber. I also used fresh pineapple. The dinner shake is interesting with the cayenne, but tolerable. I am looking forward to my bath!!

    Good luck to everyone!!

  87. kellie says

    I just finished my first breakfast shake. taste very good. this is my second time around doing this detox. first time around I did breakfast and lunch shake each day and for dinner I had meal with my family. I lost 5 lbs.this time around I plan to follow the detox to the “T” the cost of everything for the detox is more thsn $16. I got on the scale this morning before starting. wil let you know how it goes.

  88. crystal says

    My partner and I are on day 2 of the cleanse. We both love the taste of the breakfast smoothie, lunch is horrible, and I love the dinner one. She does not like the dinner one either because of the cayenne pepper, so I will make hers without it tonight. Day 1 was the hardest with cravings…I kinda cheated…I ate a half of an avocado, then she had 5 pieces of turkey bacon. I do feel like I have more energy today….looking forward to dinner drink and my bath. My skin is smoother than ever right now. One question though-she is having bad diarrhea and dizziness when she stands. Not to be gross, but her diarrhea contains all of the veggies like they went right through her. Any advice on this?

  89. says

    This 3-day cleanse calls for fruit. I’m allergic to sugar, including fructose.
    Will the cleanse still be effective if i omit the fruit?

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