Dr Oz: Fembody Activator Review & Forever Your Greens Drink Recipe

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul’s Beauty Secrets

Paula Abdul is turning 50 this month (she doesn’t look it!) and wanted to share her secrets on looking and feeling young. On Doctor Oz’s show, Paula revealed her healthy snacks and her favorite comfort drink recipe called Forever Your Greens, after speaking about her battle with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. She even revealed the supplements for women that she helped to create called Fembody Activator Supplements. Check out her age-defying secrets and see if they work for you.

Dr Oz: Fembody Activator Review & Forever Your Greens Drink Recipe

Dr Oz spoke with Paula Abdul about Fembody Activator Supplements and her Forever Your Greens Drink Recipe.

Dr Oz: Forever Your Greens Recipe

This yummy drink is a take on Dr Oz’s green drink, only created the Paula Abdul way. (In case you’re wondering about the name, Paula had a hit song called “Forever Your Girl.”)

1 C fresh kale
1 C spinach
1 1/3 Tbsp hemp seed
1 tsp chia seeds
½ avocado (healthy fats)
½ banana
½ apple
Add coconut water and Stevia for sweetness.
Drink Forever Your Greens first thing in the morning.

Dr Oz says this drink will fill you up and keep your inflammation down. Dr Oz tried it and “loved” it, saying it was “soothing.” (This is one I might try. It looked pretty good!)

Paula Abdul: Fembody Activator Straight Up Supplements

Looking for ways to help keep your body, nails and skin healthy? Paula Abdul is a spokesperson for Fembody, which caters to helping women look and feel their best. (Again, in case you’re wondering about the name, Paula had another hit song titled “Straight Up.”)

Fembody hair, nails and skin activator contains:
Bamboo extract
Alpha lipoic acid
Green tea
Take 2 pills per day

Fembody supplements are formulated specifically for what Paula’s body needed, which is why she was passionate about helping women and becoming their spokesperson. She told Dr Oz that she had been through so much and that half the battle was paying attention to your body. You can buy it at the following link: Fembody Nutrition Hair, Nails & Skin Beauty.

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Sweepstakes – LA Trip & Lunch

Do you want to win Dr Oz’s Paula Abdul Sweepstakes?  The winner gets a free trip to LA and an exclusive lunch with Paula Abdul.  To enter the Paula Abdul Sweepstakes, visit Dr Oz’s website.

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