Fucoxanthin With Xanthigen & Dolvett Quince Quinoa Recipe on Dr Oz

By on August 6, 2012

Fucoxanthin Dr Oz

Dr Oz’s show on August 6, 2012 covers everything from how to lose weight with Fucoxanthin and Sacha Inchi to Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories (yes, healthy meals from McDonalds and Subway are included!) to a Chia Seed Cocktail, and of course the popular Water Bands Metabolism Booster.  But lets start with one of the most popular segments – Fucoxanthin with Xanthigen for getting rid of belly fat.  Dr Oz said that it is critical to look for Xanthigen in the Fucoxanthin, and the dosage Doctor Oz suggested was 200 mg of Fucoxanthin per day.

Fucoxanthin With Xanthigen & Dolvett Quince Quinoa Recipe on Dr Oz

Dr Oz said Fucoxanthin With Xanthigen burns belly fat & Dolvett Quince’s Quinoa Recipe was a big hit!

Sacha Inchi 600 mg

Another great tip from that segment was to take Sacha Inchi (600 mg) which is full of Omega 3’s and vitamin E to help minimize inflammation in your body.  And of course there is the famous Dr Oz Belly Blast Hot Shot made out of tomato juice, horseradish, hot sauce and lime.  Click on the following link for the full recipe and to read more about these metabolism turbochargers: Dr Oz Fucoxanthin & Belly Blast Hot Shot.

Dolvett Quince Quinoa Recipes

We have all heard Dr Oz talk about how wonderful quinoa is for us, but how should we incorporate it into our diet?  Are you out of ideas for what to do with quinoa?  Don’t worry, Dolvett Quince (from the Biggest Loser TV Show) taught Dr Oz how to make a delicious quinoa and chicken dish that flushes fat out of your body.  Sounds delicious too! He also taught Dr Oz how to make a Chia Seed Drink that helps to fill you up so that you do not overeat. Click on the following like for the full recipe: Dr Oz Chia Seed Drink & Quinoa Recipes.

Dr Oz McDonalds & Subway Meals Under 500 Calories

Yes, you read that title correctly… Dr Oz figured out how to eat fast food while still keeping the calorie count under 500.  You can still eat things like McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets or their Premium Chicken Sandwich.  There are pizza options for you Dominoes lovers.  And of course, Subway has health conscious meals (which I suppose is how Jared – the Subway spokesman – lost so much weight!).  Click on the following link to read the sample healthy meals that Dr Oz found: Dr Oz Fast Food Under 500 Calories.

Dr Oz August 6 2012: In Case You Missed It

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