The Gruve Review, EGCG & Edamame Trail Mix: Dr Oz Fat Burners


Dr Oz Fat Burners

Are you looking to burn fat fast? On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed 3 easy ways to burn fat that you’ve never heard of. He showed you the good, the better and the best ways to rev up your metabolism so you burn fat quickly with things like The Gruve and EGCG. Plus, find out his best on-the-go snacks like Edamame Trail Mix, Popcorn Mix and Sweet Potato Chips.  If you are looking to lose weight but need healthy (and delicious!) recipe ideas, you should also read these recipes from today’s Dr Oz Show: Steak Tacos & Shrimp Scampi Recipe and Pulled Chicken Sandwich & Chicken Parm Hero Recipes.


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