Hungry Girl Naughty to Nice: Stuffed French Toast & Buffalo Poppers


Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Naughty To Nice

With the holiday season upon us, Dr. Oz welcomed back Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, to share some her best recipes for “naughty” foods made “nice” with fewer calories, but still packed with plenty of flavor. Check out her Hungry Girl Naughty To Nice recipes for Stuffed French Toast and much more.

Dr Oz: Hungry Girl Fattening Food Fake-Outs

Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, is back with some of her best Naughty Foods made nice Recipes to help you get through the holidays without eating too many extra calories. Lisa says the key is to find healthy swaps for the foods that we live, without sacrificing yummy flavor.

Hungry Girl Apple & Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast Nuggets Recipe

Traditional Stuffed French Toast has a whopping 727 calories, but Hungry Girl’s lightened version only has 245 calories. Lisa Lillien says the secret to making a lighter version of stuffed French toast is by using light hot dog buns as the bread component. Lisa adds many people may not even realize it, but French toast actually has more calories than pancakes or waffles, so making them with fewer calories is a great way to still enjoy them, but in a more healthy way.

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