Jennifer Hudson Pasta-Free Lasagna Recipe & Weight Loss Tips on Dr Oz

Dr Oz: Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers

On today’s show, Doctor Oz recapped his all-time most shocking celebrity confessions. Singer/Actor, Jennifer Hudson, previously joined Dr Oz to discuss her weight loss secrets and how she went from a size 16 to a size 6. Last time Dr Oz even got some of Jennifer Hudson’s Recipes!  Jennifer had struggled with her weight for years and with the help of Weight Watcher’s and delicious food like Jennifer Hudson’s Pasta-Free Lasagna Recipe, she was able to conquer the battle. Jennifer first won our hearts on the hit show, American Idol, and then as an Oscar winner in the movie, Dreamgirls. Soon after, a Grammy followed. As her star rose, the media spotlighted her full figure. Love, health and motherhood finally inspired her to make a change. After the birth of her son, she turned to Weight Watchers to drop the pounds. She was so inspiring, her family and friends joined and lost a whopping 1700 lbs. Weight Watcher’s was so impressed, they opened up a Jennifer Hudson center in her hometown of Chicago.

Jennifer Hudson Lasagna Recipe on Dr Oz

Jennifer Hudson shared her Pasta-Free Lasagna Recipe and weight loss secrets with Dr Oz.

Jennifer Hudson Slimming Secrets

Dr Oz stated that he has been a fan of Jennifer and has watched the transformation. He felt her transformation was in her body and in her mind. Jennifer said, the secret for her was making up her mind to lose the weight and Weight Watcher’s helped her do just that. It’s what she wanted and she went for it.

Jennifer said that the she’s been on both sides of the fence, so she really understood it. In every way, her weight loss has been so changing for her. She loved to see people inspired by what she’s done. She couldn’t believe the impact. “You have to want to lose the weight for you,” she said. Trying to reach someone else’s goals doesn’t work. You have to do it for yourself. It’s not about doing a thousand pushups and sit-ups. That’s for trainers. It’s what you want and can do. Doctor Oz says you need to be happy first and then lose the weight. Jennifer agreed.

Jennifer Hudson “I Got This” Book

Dr Oz asked if it bothered her that she may be more known for her weight loss than her music. Jennifer said it didn’t bother her. In fact, she also has a book,  I Got This: How I Changed My Ways and Lost What Weighed Me Down, and an Oscar. If that’s God’s plan for her, then that’s her plan. She’s happy to use this forum in any way she can to help people.

Jennifer Hudson’s Tough Times

She’s been through tough times and paying attention to her health through her tough times was difficult, but she wanted to take control of what she could control. She liked progress and change and embraced it. ‘If you don’t like something,” she said, “change it.” Instead of complaining, do something about it.

Dr Oz asked what was the one emotion that has changed for her? Jennifer said she felt more empowered. She was able to conquer such a personal goal as weight loss. This let her know she could do anything, just the same as her mother did. That’s why she’s so proud of her weight loss and her progress. She wanted this for herself and she went for it. No excuses. It took work and she achieved it. Her mom just wanted her to be happy and she was. Jennifer’s mom told her she could do anything if she could put her mind to it.

Dr Oz: Jennifer Hudson’s Pasta Free Lasagna Recipe

One of her biggest secrets to her success was her pasta free lasagna. Instead of the carb-ridden noodles, Jennifer’s lasagna is layered with veggies, like zucchini and eggplant. It’s delicious and helps keep you full. Jennifer believed that nothing was better than a really good healthy meal. Healthy doesn’t have to mean no taste. Her lasagna was just as good as the regular lasagna but with half the fat and calories—so, technically, it’s even better!

Jennifer Hudson’s Snack Diet Cheats

You’d think Jennifer would say she didn’t cheat at all in order to keep her figure, but in fact, she said she does allow herself cheat days. There are times when she enjoys her favorite ice cream or candy, but she just hops back on the wagon and keeps going. A few cheat days here and there are not going to break her healthy eating habits.

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