Todd Wilbur’s Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe on the Dr Oz Show


Dr Oz: Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe

Love fried chicken but don’t love the grease and fat? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Celebrity Chef, Todd Wilbur, to prepare a non-fried healthy fried chicken. And what goes best with fried chicken? That’s right, coleslaw. Check out Todd’s healthy ‘slaw recipe below.

Todd Wilbur’s Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe

Todd Wilbur’s Healthy Fried Chicken Recipe from on the Dr Oz Show!


  1. deb says

    Love KFC but don’t eat it often due to the calores and fat. Can’t wait to make and try this. Thanks for making a heathy way to enjoy one of the foods we love.

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