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Dr Oz: Food Substitutes

Dr Oz has recently been talking a lot about substitutes like Coconut Palm Sugar (a white sugar replacement), Saffron Extract (a carb replacement that still makes you feel full without eating empty carbs) and even a Junk Food Grocery List (to replace the usual junk food we throw into our grocery shopping carts!).  On today’s show, Doctor Oz gives you the best substitutes for butter, cream, salt, and sugar so you can cut the calories but still keep the taste. Read on to find out the secret weapons to cheat in the kitchen that will help you lose the weight.  Plus, checkout Dr Oz’s Foods Sabotaging Your Diet!

Canned Pumpkin Butter Substitute

Replace butter with organic canned pumpkin.


  1. jeeva chapman says

    I have got a stevia plant growing in my garden it is about a foot tall. When I have a sweet craving I eat a leaf or two stops the craving. quite pleasant tasting.

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