Dr Oz: Adderall Abuse, Adderall vs Speed & Adderall Dangers For ADHD


Dr Oz: Adderall vs “Speed”

If you are a parent, you need to hear the information that Dr. Oz was sharing on his February 18 2013 episode because deadly Adderall abuse is killing our kids and we need to do something to stop it from happening anymore. Adderall was once known to help kids with ADHD to be able to focus and perform well in school, but it is now being used by kids who do not need it with effects similar to “Speed.” Kids do not have to buy it illegally on the street because doctors are prescribing Adderall without considering the dangerous risks involved.

Dr Oz: Adderall Addiction Leads To Suicide

Parents Rick and Cathy shared the emotional story of their son, Richard, who was using Adderall to get through studying for college exams. They said he was never diagnosed with ADHD as a child so there was no reason for him to be taking such a powerful drug, but he somehow got a prescription from his doctor. Rick and Cathy explained troubling behavior changes in their son after he began taking Adderall, from paranoia to removing himself from family photos. They became deeply concerned and immediately went to his doctor’s office to demand that he stop prescribing the medication to their son. The doctor refused to speak to them due to doctor-patient confidentiality since Richard was an adult. Rick remembers the last thing he told the doctor before he and his wife walked out of the office, which was “if you keep giving my son Adderall, you will kill him.” Dr. Oz questioned the use of such strong language, but Rick said his son’s personality changes were so drastic and severe that he truly feared he could die.

Dr Oz: Doctor-Patient Confidentiality & Adult Kids

Cathy, whose son committed suicide while using Adderall, explained the helpless feeling she and her husband shared as they tried to get help for their adult son. She told Dr. Oz they tried to have him treated in a psychiatric facility, but there were no beds available. They were then told to take him to the emergency room and have him evaluated, so that is what they did. Unfortunately, the outcome was devastating because not only did they not get help for their son, but he actually left with another prescription for Adderall.

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