Dr Oz: ADHD Diagnoses Doubled In 5 Years & Is Adderall Overprescribed?


Dr Oz: ADHD Diagnoses More Than Doubled In Five Years

Dr. Oz talked with the parents of a young man who was taking Adderall after being misdiagnosed with ADHD. They told Dr. Oz the painful story of how they begged for help from doctors, but were constantly turned away because their son was an adult. Dr. Oz was deeply concerned as he learned Adderall is literally being passed around on college campuses and in the halls of our high schools among kids who do not have ADHD.

Dr Oz: Family Input Imperative With ADHD Patients

Rick and Cathy, parents of Richard who committed suicide while addicted to Adderall, told Dr. Oz that they constantly begged for help from Richard’s doctors because they feared for his life. They shared how they were constantly ignored, called overbearing parents and were often met with arrogance from doctors who believed they knew Rick and Cathy’s son better than they did as his parents. Ned Hallowell, a psychiatrist and ADHD expert, explained that the involvement of parents or others close to the patient with ADHD is essential because the extra support is important and necessary. He also said that while patient/doctor confidentiality should never be compromised, a responsible doctor should always ask for permission to speak with the person’s parents because legally that is all that is required in order for them to discuss the care of an adult child.

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