Dr Oz: Anesthesia Awareness + Doctor Admitted Surgical Mistake


Dr Oz: Anesthesia Awareness

Speaking of medical mistakes, Dr Oz then moved on to share that up to one in 700 surgeries result in anesthetic awareness. Each year, as many as 40,000 people wake up in the middle of surgery. It’s called anesthesia awareness and it happens more often to women than men. To keep someone asleep during surgery, an anesthesiologist administers several medications, including a paralytic, leaving the patient unable to move. With anesthesia awareness, the brain wakes up, which means that although the person can’t move or speak, they can hear and sometimes feel everything. Doctors still don’t know exactly what causes anesthesia awareness, but it can forever change a patient’s life.


  1. Elizabeth Hopkins says

    i’ve had nightmares about this since I 1977. I don’t know whether it actually happened or not. I had surgery (without informed consent) in Sept 2014 to remove my sigmoid colon which had ruptured and woke up screaming and begging to die and thought it had happened again. I didn’t know they were going to do anything other than drain pus. I’ve wanted to die ever since and am stuck with an ostomy. I don’t believe in surgery.

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