Dr Oz: Brussels Sprouts Fight Cancer & Ideal Woman’s Waist Size


Dr Oz: Purple Glove Trophy

Now that we have met the final 3 teams for Dr. Oz’s first ever viewer showdown, it is time to see who will win the competition and receive the Purple Glove Trophy and get to write a column for his website. They have all shared some of their favorite Dr. Oz advice, but now it is time to get serious and compete for that amazing prize. The teams answered questions about a woman’s waist size, Dr Oz’s favorite tips, and much more.

Dr Oz: Viewer Showdown Quiz Challenge

Dr. Oz has brought the three teams who made it to the final found of his viewer showdown, so they could all compete for the coveted prize of a Purple Glove Trophy as well as the honor of writing a column on his website. He was going to play video clips, asks questions related to the clip, and the first team to buzz in would earn a point.

Dr Oz: Woman’s Waist Size

Question 1: What is the maximum amount of inches a woman’s waist size should be?

  • A) 29 inches
  • B) 32 inches
  • C) 40 inches

The Road Testers, Eileen and Dorothy, were first to buzz in and they answered correctly. A woman’s waist should be no bigger than 32 inches (or about half your height).

Dr Oz: Body Odor Causes

Dr Oz: Purple Glove Trophy

Dr. Oz says that Golden Berries are a wonderful food to fight belly fat because they are loaded with B Vitamins and help to burn away fat.


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    So glad Dr. Oz had this show today and mentioned his favorites. Organic Hibiscus Tea has been very popular at Nature’s Tea Leaf and it’s great that Dr. Oz feels so strongly about this flower’s effectiveness in helping to lower blood pressure when brewed as a tea.

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