Dr Oz: Coffee Drinker Survey & Do Latte Drinkers Make Better Friends?


Dr Oz: Coffee Drinker Survey

Would you believe the way you drink your coffee could actually tell a lot about your personality? Dr. Oz put up a poll and got responses from over 1,000 coffee drinkers about their coffee drinking habits. The results revealed a lot of information and Dr. Oz is ready to share it with you! Ramani Durvasula, a psychologist, says there has been some work done in the area of coffee drinking and how it relates to a person’s personality, but Dr. Oz’s survey has really pulled a lot of information together to provide us with some interesting results.

Dr Oz: Are Black Coffee Drinkers More Patient?

Ramani Durvasula explained the results of the coffee drinker survey and what it reveals about a person depending how they order their coffee. The first result she explained was of those who order their coffee black. Ramani says that these people tend to be straight shooters who are also very patient. They are efficient and simplistic and like to get things done, like placing a simple coffee order before anyone else even leaves the coffee shop. Ramani added that those who add just a bit of sugar to their black coffee tend be a bit less abrupt and may be a little softer and sweeter as a person.

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