Dr Oz: Embarrassing Questions Nose Bleeds & Stroke Warning


Dr Oz: Multiple Nipples Breast Cancer Risk

Dr. Oz has inspired people to lose weight, he has created the country’s biggest free health clinic and he has even given advice that has saved lives, but he says the favorite shows that viewers love the most are the ones that feature embarrassing questions.

On the December 17 2012 episode, Oz Uncensored, Dr. Oz revealed a whole new batch of your most uncomfortable questions, so get ready to hear the answers to some of them…well the ones that made it past the censors, anyway.

Dr Oz: Ghost Poop

One very courageous woman asked an embarrassing question regarding having a bowel movement. She explained to Dr. Oz that she often feels like she needs to go poop, but then nothing actually comes out and she wants to know where it goes.

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