Dr Oz: Epidural Steroid Injection Risks & How To Treat a Pinched Nerve


Dr Oz: Are Epidural Steroid Injections FDA-Approved?

Dr. Oz is providing you with the best solutions to treat your pain during today’s pain clinic and so far he and his guests have shared how to get relief from neck and shoulder pain as well as back and joint pain, but now he has a warning about a treatment for back pain that could cause you more harm than good.

Risks Of Epidural Steroid Injections To Treat Back Pain

Dr. Oz says people will try nearly anything to get relief from their back pain. From medication to surgery, many sufferers of back pain have tried several options, but there is a new treatment that has Dr. Oz concerned. Epidural steroid injections are shots that get injected into a very vulnerable area of the spine, but do they really work and are they really safe? Elisabeth Leamy, an investigative reporter, says epidural steroid injections are the most common procedure performed by doctors because patients are led to believe they are a less invasive alternative than surgery. Elisabeth spent several weeks investigating the shots and she says regardless of whether a doctor is cutting into your back to do surgery or injecting a steroid into your spine with a needle, it is a very delicate area of the body and there are many risks to be aware of, especially with the steroid injections.


  1. says

    As a patient with spinal adhesive arachnoiditis caused by a spinal injection I have to add that any foreign substance injected into the spinal canal can cause serious damage to the nerve tissue there. A person’s own blood can trigger an inflammatory response. Steroids and anesthetics are known neurotoxins which are not approved by the FDA for intrethecal (inside the spinal canal) use. Additionally, any spinal injection or invasive procedure done near this fragile space should always be guided by fluoroscopy (x-ray) or similar imaging to prevent injury to the spinal cord and nerves as well as arteries. IF the doctor does not offer this as part of the procedure the patient is subjected to additional risk of injury.

  2. Dawnelle Gonzalez says

    I am a 34 year old woman who has been damaged and discarded by the medical community due to epidurals. They refuse to admit that we exist. The truth is, our numbers are growing so quickly, there are hundreds of thousands of us out here, if not millions, now. I’m permanently disabled, it’s a challenge to bathe and feed myself, let alone try to care for my children and family. I am forever psychologically damaged by this, as well. The sad part is that I am meeting new people like myself every DAY. This silent epidemic has GOT to be brought to light, and stopped!! Thank you immensely to Elisabeth Leamy, Dr. Oz, and Dennis Capolongo for bringing those of us sentenced to suffer this way for the rest of our lives to light. You are our true champions. And please.. Try to stop it from happening to others! This is chronic, intractable pain caused by Arachnoiditis, damage to our nerves by medical procedures, that all methods of pain control BARELY touch. Each day feels like an eternity. We have been trying to cry out to warn others now for so long.. But our screams are always silenced. PLEASE PLEASE continue for us. Nobody deserves to have to live this way. All we did was seek relief and TRUST our doctors. Why has “first do no harm” flown out the window????

  3. Nancy Abler says

    “Silence is an honor among thieves ” Arachnoiditis
    is commonly caused by medical procedures gone wrong. Is Silence
    the probable reason that Arachnoiditis is a silent epidemic?

  4. Lisa Maggio says

    Seeking relief from back pain I had steroid injections. All I got was a lifetime of pain. I now have Adhesive Arachnoiditis. Thank you for bringing this into the light and maybe others will listen and if just one other person can be saved from a lifetime of pain and suffering then it will be worth it. Thank you Dr. Oz.

  5. kyle says

    Thank you all for sharing your experiences with these injections, i have an epideral injection scheduled next week but now i am cancelling it, it is not worth the risks involved

  6. Brian says

    Thank you for sharing this information , I to have decided to cancel my appointment next week with my pain doctor.

  7. Tom Bresnahan says

    I Suffer from Adhesive Arachnoiditis caused when my doctor punctured my spinal cord and injected Depo Medrol, the steroid used for Epidural Injections, into my spinal cord. I am in severe pain 24 hours a day. I worked in Healthcare, Cardiac Cath, saving lives of people having heart attacks. I can no longer work! I’m on Social Security Disability!! This happened in 2009 a few weeks before my 49th birthday. I’m now 53 and live a very painful and lonely life! What was done to me is CRIMINAL!! The doctors KNOW the risks but for them the Money is too great to allow something as small as someone’s life to interfere with their financial success!

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