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Dr. Oz found some of the “unlikeliest health detectives!” You might be surprised when you learn who these people are in your life and what they could discover before your doctor!

Dr Oz: Hairdresser Finds Skin Cancer On Client’s Scalp

Dr. Keri Peterson shared some of the most unlikely health detectives with Dr. Oz. These are the people in your life who could save your life, but they are not doctors. First, she explained how a hairdresser can find skin cancer in their client. Dr. Peterson said that hair stylists will often examine their client’s scalp and neck looking for skin irritations or moles, which makes a lot of sense since the back of your head and scalp are very difficult to examine on your own. One woman shared the incredible story of how her stylist found something on her scalp that did not look right so he recommended she have it checked by her doctor. It is a good thing she listened because she had a tumor the size of a baseball growing inside of her scalp. Her hairdresser literally saved her life!

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