Dr Oz: Fire Escape Plan & Family Fire Drills Elisabeth Leamy


Dr Oz: How to Survive a Fire

How would you react if a fire suddenly broke out in your home? Today’s Dr. Oz Show is literally a matter of life and death because if a fire starts in your home you have very little time to save yourself before it gets out of control. Could you survive a fire? Find out right now and learn how to be better prepared in the event of an emergency!

Dr Oz: Fire Safety Misconceptions

Elisabeth Leamy of Consumer Reports says the biggest misconception people have about fires is that they have plenty of time to gather important items before getting out of the house. She says this is simply not true because today’s homes burn a lot faster because so many of the furnishings are made from artificial fibers and that is why you need to get out as quickly as possible.

  • Temperatures in a house fire reach 500 degrees in just 3-4 minutes and 1,000 degrees within 8 minutes!
  • 60-80% of fire victims do not die from burns, but instead from inhaling smoke or poisonous gases from the fire.

Dr Oz: How to Create a Fire Escape Plan

Dr Oz: Fire Escape Plan & Family Fire Drills Elisabeth Leamy

Elisabeth Leamy says creating a Fire Escape Plan is the first step to saving your family if a fire breaks out. She shares how to create one here!

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