Dr Oz Food Scams & What Is the Government Doing To Keep Our Food Safe?


Dr Oz: Biggest Scams Threatening Your Health

Dr. Oz and TV’s top investigative reporters are exposing the biggest scams threatening your health! Have you ever thought about how far your food traveled before it reached the shelf of your grocery store? If not, you need to see what shocking evidence Dr. Oz’s guest revealed about the food companies and the unsafe practices being followed by truck drivers!

Dr Oz: Is Your Food Spoiled Before It Reaches Your Grocery Store?

Dr Oz Food Scams & What Is the Government Doing To Keep Our Food Safe?

Jess Rossen, an investigative reporter, told Dr Oz that food trucks often allow products to reach temperatures over 100 degrees in order to save money on fuel!


  1. Cymric says

    I have bought produce at Publix and it go bad the next day!!! Gotta love their slogan “Where shopping is a pleasure.”

    There is very little competition against Publix (other than Walmart) but I do go to WholeFoods. I know it may be more ($) but I feel better with their produce – and the produce stays freasher longer and tastes better! Just waiting for Trader Joe’s to open somewhere near by ….

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