Dr Oz: Foods That Boost Mood & Birth Order Determines Health Issues?


Dr Oz: Birth Order Determines Health Problems?

Would you believe that your birth order could actually effect your risk for certain diseases? Dr. Sue Varma explained that while birth order has always determined certain personality characteristics, it is now being found to bring certain health consequences as well. Dr. Varma went on to say that people often go on to marry someone of the same birth order because we tend to gravitate toward those with similar life experiences.

Oldest (First-Born) Child Stress Leads To Heart Disease

These people are usually very successful high achievers according to Dr. Varma. They are also less likely to take big risks and often take on the role of caregiver for others in the family. Since they also have the highest level of stress they are most likely to suffer from high blood pressure and heart disease.

Dr Oz: Middle Child (Second-Born) At Greater Risk For Depression

Dr. Sue Varma explained that middle children usually feel like the odd man out and often feel like they need to prove themselves. Because of this, they are often successful, but not for the same reason as their older sibling who is usually successful due to pressure from their parents. Dr. Varma added that middle children often make for loyal friends because they are constantly trying to find their own identity and fit in somewhere. The downside to being a middle child is that they often feel like an outsider in their own family, so they are at greater risk for depression and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr Oz: Youngest Child Increased Risk For Addiction

Dr. Varma said that the youngest child often has a wonderful sense of humor because they have had to develop that characteristic in order to get attention. They are often entertainers and very big risk takers with the goal of dethroning their older siblings whenever possible. As far as health issues, because they tend to be such risk takers, youngest children are often at greater risk for addiction.

Dr Oz: Only Child At Greater Risk For Obesity

Dr Oz: Foods That Boost Mood & Birth Order Determines Health Issues?

Dr Sue Varma explained that kids who are an only child are at greater risk for obesity because parents often overcompensate with food and other indulgences.

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