Dr Oz: Functional MRI As Lie Detector To Prove Innocence


Dr Oz: FMRI Lie Detector To Determine The Truth

Dr Oz spent the entire hour of his March 16 show talking about the murder case involving Gary Smith and Michael McQueen, and whether new medical technology could prove Gary’s alleged innocence. In September 2012, Gary Smith was out on bond waiting to go back to court in hopes of winning freedom. Gary was determined to prove he was innocent, which is why his legal team was willing to turn to a new kind of evidence: an fMRI Lie Detector. An fMRI maps brain activity and proponents say it can be used to determine if someone is telling the truth because your brain activity looks different when you lie, compared to when you tell the truth. Purposefully lying requires a lot more of the brain to be active, than when you’re telling the truth.

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