Dr Oz: Grapefruit Juice Reduces Stress & Lemon Balm Lip Balm Review


Dr Oz: Tequila Reduces Stress

Dr. Oz had a real treat for you this Valentine’s Day because he brought 50 of the most eligible doctors to reveal their best health secrets. They are all attractive, smart and ready to brighten your Valentine’s Day with tips to help you improve your life!

Dr Oz: S.R.T. Sitting-Rising Test Reduces Stress

Dr. Oz’s stage was taken over by 50 of the most eligible doctors and they all have advice for your most pressing health questions. The first advice comes in the area of stress, which is something most of us experience on a regular basis. Dr. Daren Newfield told Dr. Oz that he may be an eligible bachelor, but there are already two “loves” in his life and they both walk on four legs. One he saved from being euthanized by fixing its broken leg and the other was a rescue dog from Hurricane Katrina. This guy sounds like a wonderful catch, right ladies? Okay, Dr. Newfield also brought along some advice to help with your stress in the form of a simple new test called the S.R.T., or Sitting-Rising Test. It is a test to determine your longevity and is done just like the name implies, but with a bit of a challenge.

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