Dr Oz: Heart Attack Warning Signs for Women & Wallet Symptom Guide


Dr Oz: Aresnic in Chicken & Apple Juice

Dr. Oz’s biggest lifesaving hour in the history of his show has been emotional and powerful as he has changed the lives of many and saved several lives as well. He has shared important information that you need to know regarding colonoscopy screenings and your risk for suffering a stroke from having high blood pressure.

Dr Oz: Heart Attacks Women vs Men

Dr. Oz shared the startling reality that 435,000 Americans will suffer from heart attacks this year, and 267,000 of those people will die. One of Dr. Oz’s biggest priorities is to lower those numbers by helping people to recognize the huge differences when women experience heart attacks. For that reason, he asked Rosie O’Donnell to visit his show recently to talk about her heart attack in hopes of reaching women all across the world.


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