Dr Oz: Homeopathic Starter Kit & Headache, Flu & Indigestion Remedies


Dr Oz: Homeopathic Starter Kit

Have you been trying to ease off of using over-the-counter drugs and move toward a more natural approach to your health care? Have you been curious about homeopathy, but never quite understood it or how it works? Dr. Oz had the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself along with his Homeopathic Starter Kit filled with natural remedies to keep you and your family healthy!

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Principle ‘Like Cures Like’

Homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine that many people prefer because of its gentle nature and use of fewer chemicals than most traditional medicines. Homeopathy is built on the principle that ‘Like Cures Like’, for example if drinking coffee is keeping you awake at night, you might need a homeopathic remedy that includes a concentrated amount of coffee to help you sleep. Dr. Oz said his family has been using homeopathy for three generations, so he has put together a Homeopathic Starter Kit for you and your family to help get you on your way to more natural healing.

Dr Oz: Lisa Samet Homeopathy Treats ‘Whole’ Person

Homeopathy is used by many health care providers because it treats the patient as a whole person while getting to the root of their problem rather than just temporarily relieving their symptoms, like in the case of more traditional medicine. Lisa Samet, a naturopathic doctor, said that many patients come to her fed up with antibiotics and drugs and some even wish to transfer from their medications to a more natural homeopathic alternative, which she said can happen pretty easily. She said that homeopathic remedies are more and more available and the best part is that they are safe, inexpensive, last you a long time and do not require a prescription.

Dr Oz: Homeopathic Treatment For Fever Belladonna

If you are trying to reach less for Acetaminophen and more for something natural when it comes to treating headaches, then Belladonna could be the answer for you. Naturopathic Doctor Lisa Samet explained that if you were to eat the Belladonna flower it would make you very sick with a headache, fever and other symptoms, so considering the ‘like cures like’ principle a highly diluted amount of Belladonna would help to treat your headache or fever.

  • Take 200 C Every 2-4 Hours for Headaches, 3 Doses
  • Place pellets under the tongue, and without talking, allow them to dissolve.

Dr Oz: Phosphorus Cures a Chest Cough

The next homeopathic remedy is for something that many of us might be experiencing right now and that is chest coughs. Phosphorus is a great homeopathic remedy for chest coughs, especially in the case of someone whose cough is usually relieved when they eat or drink something that is cold, according to Lisa Samet.

  • Take 200 C Every 4-6 Hours
  • Take for a few days if necessary.

Dr Oz: Gelsemium Cures the Flu

We have all heard about the awful flu season and probably know someone who felt its effects, but since some of us do not want to take over-the-counter medicines, there is a homeopathic remedy to help if you get the flu. It is in the form of a flower called Gelsemium. Gelsemium is highly toxic if you were to eat it, but in a highly diluted and small amount, it can help you feel much better if the flu hits you. Lisa Samet explains that Gelsemium is best suited to treat the type of flu where patients experience a great deal of fatigue and literally are too tired to even move or keep their eyes open.


  1. says

    Homeopathic remedies are even more effective if you just put 2 pellets into a 4oz bottle of water adding 20 drops of vodka. Succuss the bottle (hit the bottom of the bottle hard on the palm of your hand) 2-4 times (more times you hit it the more powerful it becomes) then take 1 tsp. from the bottle. Wait an hour, if symptoms still present then repeat as above. If better wait until symptoms reappear then redose as above.

  2. Janet Dressel says

    I’m surprised that he is telling people to dose themselves with 200C potencies. Homeopathy Today magazine has recommended they only be taken when given by a homeopathic doctor since there can be side effects if not correctly administered.

  3. Hillra Qualls says

    I saw the Dr Oz program 3-22-13 but failed to get the name of what the Oz family used for stress. They showed a spray in the homeopathic part. I tried to find this on the site and tried to print off part of the homeopathic but I could not find the part on stress. Thank you so very much. Hillra

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