Dr Oz: How To Perform CPR & Young Boys Save Baby’s Life With CPR


Dr Oz: The Boys Who Saved a Baby’s Life

Dr. Oz says when he heard about their story on the news he had to meet the two young boys who saved a baby’s life. The baby’s mother, Susannah, recalls her baby going limp in her arms as she held him on the couch in her home. When she realized he wasn’t breathing she rushed outside to get someone to call for help because her call phone had fallen underneath a recliner. Luckily, Rocky and Ethan were playing in the yard across the street and they immediately jumped into action when they heard her scream for help. While Ethan dialed 9-1-1 Rocky calmly told the baby’s mom how to perform CPR. She says he spoke too calmly and authoritative for such a young boy, but she followed all of his instructions and within a few moments her son was breathing again. Susannah told Dr. Oz she was trained in CPR as a teenager, but it had been a long time and in the moment she was fearing she could lose her son, she says her memory simply went blank. She is grateful to both of the boys and truly believes if it wasn’t for them, her son would not be with her today.

Dr Oz: CPR Poster In School Saves Baby’s Life

Dr Oz: How To Perform CPR & Young Boys Save Baby's Life With CPR

Dr Oz demonstrated how to perform CPR in three easy steps! Learn how you can save a life after dialing 9-1-1.


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