Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse Causes Anorexia & Getting Help For Addiction


Dr Oz: Treatment For Laxative Abuse

Dr. Oz talked about the frightening trend of Laxative Abuse. He is deeply concerned about the damage laxatives cause to the inside of a woman’s body and he wants women to stop using them as a way to lose weight. Seeing Shana’s story will hopefully make you think twice before you reach for a bottle of laxatives.

Dr Oz: Laxative Abuse & Anorexia

Dr. Oz told his audience that women using laxatives to lose weight literally petrifies him. He invited anyone in his audience who would be willing to share their personal use of laxatives. A few women spoke about the fact that they drink herbal teas and take supplements on occasion to help reduce bloating, but none of them ever considered it dangerous. Dr. Oz wants to change everyone’s mindset around laxatives because he does not think anyone should ever take them as a way to lose weight due the huge health risk involved as is evidenced in his guest Shana, who is now anorexic due to her abuse of laxatives.

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