Dr Oz: Loni Love & Coffee Flour + Tempeh & Mushroom Bacon


Dr Oz: Is Coffee Flour Worth The Cost?

Co-host of The Real, Loni Love joined Dr Oz to help him decide what new health products we should love, and which ones we should leave forever. Dr Oz would share the health stats the product while Loni tried them out, for everyone to decide how they felt about them.

First was coffee flour. Dr Oz explained that coffee fruit has a bean in it, but that fruit, known as a coffee cherry, is made into a pulp that is ground up to make nutrient-dense coffee flour. Dr Oz used coffee flour to make brownies and pasta to give Loni a chance to see if she would approve. Dr Oz then explained that coffee flour has more fiber than whole wheat flour, is gluten-free, full of iron, and contains antioxidants and protein. It costs $9 a pound and when put into a brown, it has the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Loni loved it!

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