Dr Oz: Meanings Of Dreams & Health-Related Dreams Occur In a House


Dr Oz: Meanings Of Dreams

Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered why you had a certain dream while you were sleeping? Dr. Oz’s guest Cynthia Raymond said that your dreams are a ways of sending you messages and clues about your health so it is important to pay attention to them and what they are trying to tell us.

Dr Oz: Dreams a Window To Our Sub-Conscious

Have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Do you sometimes wake up in the morning puzzled by a dream you had while you were sleeping? Dream expert Cynthia Richmond said that our dreams tell us a lot about our health and she even believes that not paying attention to your dreams would be as silly as not checking your blood pressure or your cholesterol numbers. Cynthia said they are a window into our sub-conscious mind and our dreams are a way for our sub-conscious to communicate with us with simple clues.

Dr Oz: Health-Related Dreams Occur In a House

Cynthia Richmond explained that if you are having a recurring dream that involves a house or other structure, it is very likely related to your health. This is because we consider our bodies to be the home of our mind and spirit. Depending on the room your dream takes place in, it could mean something different to the health of your body.


  1. steve watson says

    Dream of trying to escape prison.jail ect.trying to get away. Sometime I do sometime i don’t

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