Dr Oz: Michael Strahan $100,000 Pyramid & Games Health Benefits


Dr Oz: Michael Strahan 100,000 Dollar Pyramid

Dr Oz has turned to his go-to tester Rhenotha for the ultimate challenge, hoping she was ready to take it on. Dr Oz pretended to hear some sort of commotion going on backstage so he walked back there to find Michael Strahan picking through his snack table. Michael joked that he was next door shooting 100,000 Dollar Pyramid when he got so hungry he knew Dr Oz would have some healthy snacks out he could munch on.

Of course, Dr Oz pulled Michael on set, and asked him to tell everyone how well he performed when he appeared on Michael’s show. Michael pointed out that Dr Oz certainly did well, but admitted he would’ve been surprised if he didn’t do well, considering he’s a real doctor. That being said, Dr Oz then challenged Michael to do a round of 100,000 Dollar Pyramid right there on the show with Rhenotha.


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