Dr Oz: Alzheimer’s Prevention + Turmeric, Green Tea & BDNF


Dr Oz: Protect Your Brain From Alzheimer’s

Dr Oz sat down with Maria Shiver to talk about her dedication to Alzheimer’s research, education, and awareness. Because one in three Alzheimer’s cases might be preventable, Dr Oz wanted to reveal what steps you can take right now, at home, to protect your brain. Maria explained that her dad was diagnosed in 2003, when people hardly knew anything other than the word Alzheimer’s and plaques and tangles. She believes that just in the last five years, we’ve begun hearing so much more about diet, exercise, and stress.


  1. lu baker says

    Dr Oz said the coffee with curcumin and coconut oil recipe would be on line.l I cannot find it. Do you have it? Do I have Alzheimers? Where can I find it? Very frustrating!!

  2. Isabel Ayers says

    I’m also searching for the recipe. I would appreciate it if someone could provide it since apparently Dr. Oz isn’t posting it.

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