Dr Oz: Sound Therapy Cure for Migraines & The Tapping Solution Review

By on July 15, 2013

Dr Oz: Crystal Sonic Therapy the Future to Curb Cravings

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, explained how Crystal Sonic Therapy works and the benefits it can bring to cancer patients, but Dr. Oz wanted to see some results of his own so he asked several of his viewers to try out Crystal Sonic Therapy for themselves. Depending on their needs, they were offered different types of sounds.

Binaural Trinity – This is used to help patients who need to curb food cravings. Since many people binge eat due to stress, this type of therapy is used because it helps to put you in a more relaxed state.

Dr Oz: Sound Therapy Cure for Migraines & The Tapping Solution Review

Nick Ornter shared his Tapping Solution technique that helps to lower stress and ease pain.

Gamma Waves – This type of Crystal Sonic Therapy is great for improving memory, focus and clarity.

Delta Bliss – Delta waves are used to help those who want to improve their sleep. The Delta “state” is the most relaxed of brain wave patterns, which is why this is a good option for those who cannot get to sleep at night.

Harmonic Symphony – Dr. Gaynor says this method uses a variety of sound waves to help empower people who are in pain, like in the case of migraine headaches.

The Tapping Solution: EFT Tapping Technique for Pain Relief

Nick Ortner, author of The Tapping Solution, describes his tapping technique as a combination of acupuncture without the needles and psychology because as you tap you are thinking about the things are upsetting or stressful in your life. It is also great for helping to relieve pain in the body.

  • Pick a target area of the body where you have pain and rank the intensity from 1-10
  • Tap away the pain

Nick Ortner, along with Dr. Oz and 4 audience members demonstrated the EFT Tapping Technique. After you tap yourself in various areas for about a minute, Nick says to check in and see how you feel. Hopefully your pain as lessened in intensity and you feel a little better overall.

Dr Oz: Most Ridiculous Ads on Television

Dr. Oz says it drives him crazy that every night right around dinnertime the craziest commericals appear on his television, so he asked his fans to send in the most ridiculous ads they have ever seen. Which one would you send him? I have a feeling there are several to choose from!

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  1. Robert J. Zimmerman says:

    I have had a severe headache since a labyrinths diagnosis march 1, 2013. 4 doctors later I am no better and tapping does not seem to work . Suggestions please.

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