Dr Oz: Sound Therapy Cure for Migraines & The Tapping Solution Review


Dr Oz: Crystal Sonic Therapy the Future to Curb Cravings

Dr. Oz and his guest, Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, explained how Crystal Sonic Therapy works and the benefits it can bring to cancer patients, but Dr. Oz wanted to see some results of his own so he asked several of his viewers to try out Crystal Sonic Therapy for themselves. Depending on their needs, they were offered different types of sounds.


  1. Robert J. Zimmerman says

    I have had a severe headache since a labyrinths diagnosis march 1, 2013. 4 doctors later I am no better and tapping does not seem to work . Suggestions please.

  2. says

    I know it seems to simple to be true, however when one stops to think about it, anything is worth trying when one is suffering in pain. For those desperate enough, they have a check list of everything they have tried. This is a necessary endeavor when searching for relief. Especially if the possible solution is natural, non toxic, really cost effective and vital to our existence, for without it we would die. Amazingly the brain is approximately 80% made up of it. Electrical impulses are conducted by it, helping to facilitate the carrying of messages to the entire body. It also helps transports vital oxygen to the brain and every cell. With out it, the blood does not flow efficiently, hindering the transport of vital nutrients, necessary for the duplication of healthy cells and mandatory for the function of healthy efficient systems, (digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular, nervous etc, including the BRAIN and its ability to function properly.) Without its ability to cleanse the body of acidic waste from the foods we eat, the things we think, the air we breath and the WATER we drink INFLAMMATION exacerbates, putting a log on the fire of PAIN, any kind of PAIN. In the brain, in the muscles, in the joints, in your belly you will find inflammation as a root cause. A clinical study I helped facilitate looked at over 300 patients who simply did this one thing the doctor recommended as part of their treatment protocol. I charted results on a weekly basis for the course of one month to two months. The results were absolutely amazing. In a very high percentage of patients there was a definite improvement, in every area including migraine pain. Why is it amazing? Because it seems to simple to be true. Yet the results the doctor witnessed in her own personal family amazed and even surprised her because they were people she loved and they got relief in two very serious conditions. This was the very motivation for the clinical evaluation with her patients. She had access to their entire medical profile and current treatment senario for every patient she saw, before and after making this one change. Multiple articles of her clinical research have been published in numerous medical journals documenting the results of her treatment protocols.
    However, when you boil it down to simple physiology it makes sense, hence one more thing to try on your check list of possibilities worth its weight in gold. It has become part of my treatment protocol with patients suffering from pain for the last 7 years, any kind of pain and even they cannot often believe results with such a simple solution. However, I to had to walk in the moccasins of pain myself, before I was willing to look at old things with new eyes, then take action because I had nothing to loose except my faith in finding a solution to my pain. If I didn’t EXPERIENCE it for myself I to would find it hard to believe! Desperation is a powerful motivation especially when it involves the very tools you require to earn a living, your body. Just saying : ) I am a holistic health practitioner specializing in sports and injury rehab for the past 33 years. In addition, I work with patients from all over the world who come to see doctors I work with. People suffering from every disease and pain imaginable including pain from migraines and cancer. I have found this medical device is both cost effective and worth every cent of the investment for my own health and the health of my patients. The best part is it is no longer only available to physicians and hospitals like it has been for 20 years. We now have the same access to the same medical equipment for our home as used by those doctors. I have become so passionate I teach a wellness series on healing with hydration because it is one of the pillars and a fundamental tool when one is searching for natural ways to restore balance in the MIND and BODY. I am happy to help educate at any opportunity I can to help teach people how to fish, not fish for them all by using the RIGHT KIND OF WATER. I want to give them access to the very tools they need to help help themselves. If you have questions you can download a free report for your information or contact me via my website http://www.healingwithhydration.com. God bless your day. AMB (p.s. I also have this device in a leading alternative medical cancer clinic, this doctor travels the world lecturing at medical conferences bringing to them his discoveries working with natural alternative treatments and often brings home their medical break throughs and new treatments. Faith is believing before you see it. Also a golden nugget when it comes to healing.

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