Dr Oz: Strangest Quirks Explained & How To Overcome Claustrophobia


Dr Oz: Strange But True – Your Weirdest Quirks Explained

Do you have a strange obsession or quirk? Do other people often find your behavior a little odd? Dr. Oz explained some of the weirdest quirks and after today you may feel a little less strange the next time one of yours appears. The first explanation was related to fears, which are really quite normal, but what about the ones that are little strange? One woman told Dr. Oz she is literally petrified of elevators, which leave her feeling like she could suffocate because she is so afraid. She admits to avoiding elevators unless absolutely necessary, even walking up the six flights of stairs to get to Dr. Oz’s studio for his show today. Dr. Oz says this definitely concerns him because it is affecting her life, so he asked for help from an expert, psychologist Jennifer Hartstein. She says that more than 13 million people actually suffer from a phobia, like claustrophobia, which is where a fear of elevators stems from.

Dr Oz: How Can You Overcome Claustrophobia?

Dr. Jennifer Hartstein said the first thing you need to do when anxious or afraid is breathe, but then she said to find a way to distract yourself by looking at your keys and thinking about what each ones goes to in your home or for your car. She said the more distracted you are, the better off you will be because it will reduce your anxiety and hopefully make it better the next time you are in the situation.

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Dr Oz: Strangest Quirks Explained & How To Overcome Claustrophobia

Dr Oz says a gag reflex is normal and healthy, but you can lower your sensitivity by applying pressure to the palm of your hand.

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