Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Swimmer’s Itch & Can Tick Bites Cause an Infection?


Dr Oz: Do Tick Bites Cause Infections?

The last time you were sick, did you think it was the flu? Well think again because parasites could be making you sick and you do not even realize it! Dr. Oz is concerned because they are spreading across the United States through places like your food and water so he has a warning everyone needs to hear!

Dr Oz: How Are Parasites Spread?

Dr. Florian Reyda told Dr. Oz that parasites are spreading now more than ever because the world has become a smaller place due to the fact people are traveling more. They often pick up parasites and infections, especially in tropical locations, then bring them back here where they can be spread pretty easily. Dr. Reyda said we are also importing a lot more fruits and vegetables from tropical areas of the world, which can often contain contamination or parasites.

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Toxocariasis Infection

Dr Oz: Symptoms Of Swimmer's Itch & Can Tick Bites Cause an Infection?

Dr Oz has a warning everyone needs to hear! You could be sick from parasites and not even realize it. They are being spread through your food and water and maybe even your family pet!

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