Dr Oz: Tanning Bed Dangers & Viewer 100-Pound Weight Loss


Dr Oz: Laughing is Good Medicine

Dr. Oz was having a fun time with the December 17 2012 show, Oz Uncensored. He shared some of his viewers’ most embarrassing questions, which happens to be what other viewers enjoy the most. From a man who waxes his back hair to a woman who experiences sudden nose bleeds, Dr. Oz had been covering the uncomfortable topics that nobody else dared to talk about. He even shared his own personal embarrassing habit. Do you have a guess as to what it could be? Read on to find out.

Dr Oz: Kids Embarrassing Questions

While many of us enjoy watching Dr. Oz and his guests share their embarrassing questions, we might forget about just how candid those discussions can be and how open Dr. Oz is when it comes to talking about the body and male and female body parts.

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