Dr Oz: Tony LeRoy Meditation Tips & Ways To Develop Your Sixth Sense


Dr Oz: How To Follow Your Gut Instinct

Dr. Oz and Intuitive Counselor Tony LeRoy discussed the amazing way that Tony uses his sixth sense to help clients uncover health issues. He shared how his gut instinct led to one woman learning she was pregnant and another to realizing she was having a thyroid issue. Would you like to “Unlock Your Sixth Sense?” Read on to find out how you can do it right now!

Dr Oz: Develop Sixth Sense By Tuning In

Tony LeRoy, an intuitive counselor, believes that we all have the ability to develop our sixth sense. He said the first step in doing so is simply by tuning in to your body and what you are feeling. Tony added that tuning in is a way of being receptive and open.



  1. Judy says

    hello Dr. Oz,
    I just watched your show with Tony LeRoy,
    I am a 46 year old woman, married with three great children ages 22,19 and 16. I have been having problems with heart palpitations since the age of 25 and they have become more frequent and lasting longer. I have had all the tests done and my family doctor and heart specialist tell me it is normal and there is nothing wrong. I don’t take any prescrition drugs, I don’t smoke or drink and I am not over weight. My blood pressure is fine and colesteral is also fine. I just don’t feel myself, worrying when the next palpitation will occur. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I feel frustrated and a little scared.

    Quebec Canada

  2. says

    watched tony Leroy show.Fathers middle name Leroy. shortly after finding mother dead I developed lichens planus,fibromyalgia.knew she was dead before entering her apt, the 6th sense. would like to tap into that to help myself health wise and others only if they request. asking for free visit with Mr Tony Leroy, very serious illness with 42,44,46 year old children,and grandchildren. Im 63 a mom wife grandmother, ggrandmother, sincerely thanks, Mrs Shirley Blanchard

  3. Robin Burritt-Wakanojanjan says

    Mr. Leroy, first of all, i love Dr. Oz….I just got home from work and I have Dr. Oz recorded on my dvr…..I watched the episode today with you doing your intuitive work. I can see that you do amazing work and I hope this email gets to you. I am a Lakota and have been a single parent with 6 children and 13 grandchildren with another grandchild on the way….they are my pride and joy. I live on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation and work at American Horse School. I am a counselor at the school. I have struggled all my life but have overcome alcohol and drug abuse and poverty to get my education and I am still pursuing my Master’s Degree in Counseling. I have diabetes and have had two heart attacks. I wholly believe in holistic medicine and would be very interested in what you would have to tell me in a drawing. I believe and practice my Lakota Spirituality and do know the power of prayer and meditation…….Wopila (thank you) for what you do! I just got done with the show and saw where you were going to help online.

  4. christine says

    Hi, I am a mother of two young children and was diagnosed with chiari 1 malformation 2 years ago but was told by a neurologist that my constant headaches(often bedridden when they hit for days) were migraines and to take a number of different pain meds when I get them. I decided not to take any further medication and try alternative therapies as Im tired of living my life with headaches on a daily basis but I also refuse to believe that it’s only a migraine and that I have to live with them for the rest of my life. My kids are 2 and 3 yrs old and I can barely function let alone take care of them on my worst days. Im trying to listen to my inner voice but I could really use some support and guidance as to whether or not something is being missed. thank you! christine Ottawa, ontario, canada

  5. says

    Dear Dr. Oz & Tony Leroy – I saw your show today; however, I see it was a rerun from Jan. 2013 as the comments are dated. I was interested in talking with Tony Leroy. His work is quite amazing. In 2011, my oldest son died of two stabbed wounds to the heart. He had just passed his CPA exams and was working with PWC. He had returned from a skiing trip and was stabbed that evening at the friend’s house who he went skiing with. There was minimal marijuana in his system; but needless to say, it had to be laced with something else. His friend states he got paranoid and killed himself. The case recently closed with not enough evidence to show homicide. It will be 3 years on March 13. I have been very strong thru all of this until recently. I feel I have just hit bottom with the grieving process. I did not get closure with his case and will probably never will. My heart is heavy. I am working but have no desire for anything else. I just had my youngest child graduate from HS and will soon be an empty nester, along with pre-menopause. I have hypothyroid and am on only 1 medication for that. I take a multivitamin and walk occasionally. Now that I have more time on my hands I have more time to reflect on Eric’s memories and death. This makes me depressed and withdrawn from family and friends. When I keep busy it seems to help me feel a little better. However, I am worn out right now!…..I can’t keep up with feeling this way. Some days I feel and want God to take me too……Losing a child is very, very, hard. Your whole world ends. I do not care about anything. We are good people, work , give to organizations, go to church, children excel in sports and school, etc…….We are middle-class Americans that are respected by our community. Our community came out and helped us thru our son’s death. Eric was the oldest and we have 2 additional boys. Please forward this message to Tony. I would love to hear from him. Thank you for having him on your TV show……….I have talked with a medium and a spiritual medium who have helped me and given me Hope. You grab onto certain messages they share with you. It has been a healing tool for me. Maybe Tony can advise me too! Thank you Dr. Oz

    Nancy Baird

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