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Dr Oz:Lisa Ling’s ADD Diagnosis Do you have trouble paying attention when people are talking to you? Do you often get distracted or does your mind wander to a different place? If so, Dr. Oz says you are not alone and today he is talking to Lisa Ling about the medical condition you could have […]

Dr Oz: How to Treat Acid Reflux Naturally Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from acid reflux? If so, Dr. Oz has the natural solution you have been waiting to extinguish the raging fire causing you pain and discomfort and wreaking havoc on your health. Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Melatonin Dose […]

Dr Oz: What is Textitis? Do you email, Tweet, search the internet, check Facebook, or text from your phone? If so, you could have an ailment called Textitis and today Dr. Oz is revealing the signs with the help of an Assistant of the Day! Dr Oz: Texting and Back Pain If you spend a […]

Dr Oz: Bug Bite Home Remedy Dr. Oz asked for an assistant of the day to help him explain the signs of symptoms of a hernia, especially in women, as well as ways to prevent and treat them in the future. Even though women don’t usually associate their symptoms with a hernia, Dr. Oz says […]

Dr Oz: Common Shaving Mistakes It’s summertime, which means you might be ready to wear your favorite pair of shorts, but the problem is that your legs might not be so ready because of some shaving mistakes you are making every single day. Find out how to avoid those mistakes so you can show off […]

Dr Oz: Signs of a Heart Attack Today Dr. Oz is answering your burning questions and revealing the secret causes of heartburn. He says it is one of the most common and most misunderstood conditions that sends many people to the emergency room unnecessarily, so today he is revealing how to tell the difference between […]

Dr Oz: How to Tell if You’re Having a Stroke Dr. Oz is talking to Dr. Carolyn Brockington about the alarming rise of strokes in younger women and Dr. Brockington says the number one thing they have to keep in mind is the word “sudden” because signs and symptoms of a stroke come on quickly, […]

Dr Oz: Stroke Risk Factors If you think strokes only happen to people who are old or sick then Dr. Oz has a medical alert you cannot afford to miss. Today he discusses the new face of stroke, young women at risk, and what you can do to protect yourself so it never happens again. […]

Dr Oz: Golden Root Improves Mood Do you often feel like you are at the end of your rope and burnt out from everyday life? If so, you are not alone so today Dr. Oz has solutions to reignite your energy with his biggest burnout busters! Get ready for a total body recharge that will […]

Dr Oz: ‘Mammogram of the Heart’ Finds Hidden Plague Dr. Oz talked to Dr. Arthur Agatston, author of The South Beach Diet and man behind the coronary calcium scan, about how his new screening tool might possibly save lives. Dr. Oz shared that heart disease is the #1 killer of U.S. women and scientists are […]

Dr Oz: What Are Cankles? Today Dr. Oz is talking about a problem that is plaguing women’s legs all across the country. It is when the calf merges with the ankle and you end up with the dreaded “cankle”, but aside from the fact they are a vanity issue Dr. Oz says they could be […]

Dr Oz: What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Health Dr Oz introduced Mary Ann and Jackie, two women with the same height and weight but different health risks. He said that your body type can be telling when it comes to your health. Find out what Apples and Pears need to know. For decades, […]

Dr Oz: Lauren Zander Life Coach Advice Regardless of what health goal you have set for yourself, Dr. Oz says you can achieve it, so today he invited life coach Lauren Zander to help you reach your goals. Lauren says women often feel stuck and not able to reach their health goals because they are […]

Dr Oz: Heal Pelvic Pain Review Have you ever experienced back pain, an urge to go the bathroom, and irritable bowel, but never knew what was really causing your symptoms? Today Dr. Oz sets the record straight when he asks for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain how they could all be […]

Dr Oz: Does Sitting with Crossed Legs Lead to Blood Clots? Dr. Oz has talked about blood clots on show before, but today he is discussing a simple habit that could lead to dangerous blood clots. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to talk about the habit and why it poses a risk […]

Dr Oz: Anxiety Attack vs Heart Attack Symptoms A racing heart, a tight chest, shortness of breath and sweating are all scary symptoms, especially when they occur together, but would you know the difference between and anxiety attack and a heart attack? Dr. Oz explains the life-saving clues every woman needs to know! Dr Oz: […]

Dr Oz: Eat Hard-Boiled Eggs to Boost Brain Power Today Dr. Oz has three all-natural solutions to recharge your concentration and improve your memory for years to come. He invited an audience member to help explain them so you can decide which ones could be right for you! Dr Oz: Brain Power Breakfast Dr. Oz’s […]

Dr Oz: Where to Get a Shingles Vaccine Did you have Chickenpox as a child? If so, you cannot afford to miss what Dr. Oz has to share because having had Chicken Pox puts you at greater risk for developing a much more debilitating and uncomfortable condition known as Shingles. He asked for an Assistant […]