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Dr. Oz: Urinary Tract Infections Dr. Oz has been talking to Tricia, who suffers from chronic urinary tract infections. After reviewing her health numbers, he turned it over to leading integrative medicine expert Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, who said that seven million women a year go to their doctor for urinary tract symptoms. Women with chronic […]

Dr. Oz: Urinary Tract Infections Almost every woman will experience the pain and discomfort from a urinary tract infection at least once in her life. Dr. Oz talked to Tricia, a 33-year-old woman who has suffered from a number of urinary tract infections over the past five years. She said when she has a UTI, […]

Dr. Oz: Sherri Shepherd & All-Female Doctor Panel Dr. Oz welcomed an all-female doctor panel to his show, including Dr. Yael Varnado, Dr. Evelyn Minaya, and Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry. The doctors were on to answer any questions from viewers with no question off limits. The first question came from Sherri Shepherd, former co-host of […]

Dr. Oz: Annabelle Gurwitch 4 a.m Club Comedian Annabelle Gurwith came by Dr. Oz to talk about the 4 a.m. Club she started. She’s a 52-year-old mother, wife, and comedian. She’s also the founding member of the 4 a.m. Club, a club for women who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t […]

Dr. Oz: Is the Birth Control Pill Making You Sick? Can the birth control pill be hurting millions of women without them even knowing? Dr. Oz talked on his show about how doctors are now finding disturbing things about the pill, despite the fact that the pill has helped three generations of women. It turns […]

Dr. Oz: Urinary Incontinence Dr. Oz talked about urinary incontinence on the show. In order to help him talk about it, he called down Alexandra, an audience member there with her mom. Alexandra had never had a problem with bladder leaks, but she thought maybe her mom Victoria did. So Dr. Oz called her down, […]

Dr. Oz: Infertility & Stress Link Dr. Oz talked on his show about infertility in women and its relationship to stress. Almost 7 million women in the U.S. are struggling with infertility. A recent study shows that stress may be a big culprit in infertility. In fact, it may have more to do with stress […]

Dr. Oz: Do We Need Yearly Pelvic Exams? Dr. Oz talked on his show about news that says the yearly pelvic exam is no longer needed. But this information could be putting a lot of women’s health at risks. The American College of Physicians, an organizations of internists, not gynecologists, has said that there’s no […]

Dr. Oz: NFL Abuse Scandal Domestic abuse has been in the headlines ever since NFL player Ray Rice was seen hitting his then-fiance, now wife, in an elevator and knowing her out. This video, which ignited a firestorm, came before two more bombshell revelations of abuse in the NFL, from players Greg Hardy and Adrian […]

Dr. Oz: Using The Stall When There’s No Toilet Paper Dr. Oz tackled our most embarrassing question on the show today, starting with what to do when there’s no toilet paper in the stall. He talked to a woman named Anna about her experience. She said just a few weeks ago, she used the ladies […]

Dr Oz: Mood Swings Do your Mood Swings get worse over time? Dr Oz wanted to reveal tips to get in a good mood, but first he picked out a very enthusiastic Assistant of the Day to talk about Progesterone. Malika from New Jersey was elated to participate in the show, and she gave shout […]

Dr Oz: Is the Estrogen Patch Right For Me? Dr Oz held up the E-Patch, or Estrogen Patch, which some women say can transform their mood and energy. Find out what a gynecologist had to say about cancer risks and recommendations. Dr Oz: Is Estrogen Safe? Hormone replacement therapy has been used for years to […]

Dr Oz: Kim Zolciak Kim Zolciak is a reality star who always seems to be shocking viewers. Dr Oz said that she even ate her own placenta, which a medical professional promised would deliver an energy burst. In a clip from her reality series, her husband did not care for the aftertaste when it was […]

Dr Oz: What’s Killing Your Concentration? Brain Fog Dr Oz wondered if you have suffered from Brain Fog recently or can’t seem to finish what you start. To figure out what kills our concentration, Dr Oz called on an Assistant of the Day to help him. Dr Oz: Declining Estrogen Levels Dr Oz’s assistant said […]

Dr Oz Alert: Warning Signs You Need To Know Dr Oz said that Heart Disease is the #1 killer of women, and the new face of heart attacks in America is women under age 55, who are more likely to die than anyone else. Heart Disease strikes more than half a million women in the […]

Dr Oz: How To Detect a Sluggish Thyroid If you can’t seem to lose weight no matter what you do, or just don’t seem to have the energy you should, Dr Oz said you could have a problem with your Thyroid. Do you have a sluggish Thyroid? But first, he recruited an Assistant of the […]

Dr Oz:Lisa Ling’s ADD Diagnosis Do you have trouble paying attention when people are talking to you? Do you often get distracted or does your mind wander to a different place? If so, Dr. Oz says you are not alone and today he is talking to Lisa Ling about the medical condition you could have […]

Dr Oz: How to Treat Acid Reflux Naturally Are you one of the millions of people who suffer from acid reflux? If so, Dr. Oz has the natural solution you have been waiting to extinguish the raging fire causing you pain and discomfort and wreaking havoc on your health. Dr Oz: Acid Reflux Melatonin Dose […]