Dr Oz: Acupressure for Stress Relief & Matcha Tea Review Chris Kilham


Dr Oz: Matcha Tea Review

What if you could boost your immunity, lose weight, and control stress with one simple drink? Dr. Oz says it is possible and that is why he invited Medicine Hunter Chris Kilham to talk about the powerful benefits found in Matcha Tea. Chris says it has been used in Japanese culture for many years because of its extraordinary health benefits, which is why Dr. Oz believes every woman should be drinking Matcha Tea every day!


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    Wonderful! So good to hear that Dr. Oz is spreading the match love. We discovered this amazing health elixir in Kyoto 7 years ago, and now offer some of the highest quality matcha at the lowest possible prices. Our mandate is to make this tea available to as many people as possible, so everyone can experience it’s health benefits.
    We invite you to check out our hand made matcha tea bowls, authentic bamboo whisks, and of course our premium selection of matcha that is ordered freshly ground from Kyoto every 2 months. We guarantee the freshest, most authentic and affordable matcha tea available anywhere. Matcha love and blessings, Naomi (owner/founder ~ zenmatchatea.net/com)

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