Dr Oz: Ambien Side Effects & Ambien Dosing Guidelines for Women


Dr Oz: Dangerous Ambien Side Effects

Today’s Dr. Oz Show is going to be a real wake-up call for anyone who uses America’s #1 sleeping pill. When Ambien first came on the market it was billed as a “miracle drug” with no significant side effects, but the more we learn about it the more we learn about the alarming side effects, especially in women.

Dr Oz: Woman Arrested While Under the Influence of Ambien

Dr. Oz says the side effects of Ambien are frightening and have been the reason for twice as many emergency room visits in recent years, with more than half of those made by women. Amber told Dr. Oz how she had been using Ambien for about 10 years as a sleep aid when she traveled or suffered from jet lag, with no adverse affects, but then something truly shocking happened when she took an Ambien one night at home and woke up in a police car. She says she has very little memory of the incident and only knows the details after reading the police report which stated that she drove her car while under the influence of Ambien and slammed into another driver.

Dr Oz: What is the “Ambien Defense”?

Dr Oz: Ambien Side Effects & Ambien Dosing Guidelines for Women

Dr Oz discussed the disturbing side effects of Ambien, America’s #1 sleeping pill.


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