Dr Oz: Anger Types, Low Testosterone in Women + Apple Health Benefits


Dr Oz: Do Women Need Testosterone?

Do you often get really angry, even over the smallest things? Did you know your anger “style” can actually have an impact on your health? Dr. Oz says depending how you react in certain situations, you could be at risk for certain health issues.

Dr Oz: What is Your Anger Type?

When you get mad do you boil over instantly and react immediately? If so, it concerns Dr. Oz because it could lead to heart disease if it happens all the time. Another reaction that concerns Dr. Oz is one where you sit and stew, or simmer, over something you are mad about, keeping it bottled up inside. This type of behavior can lead to debilitating headaches, along with other health problems because you need to get your anger out, but instead you are just allowing it to bubble inside of you.

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