Dr Oz: Best Vitamin C Food Source + Eat Salmon for Vitamin D

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Dr Oz: Best Vitamin C Food Source + Eat Salmon for Vitamin D

By on October 31, 2013

Dr Oz: Best Vitamin C Food Source

Do you often feel confused and overwhelmed when you are standing in the vitamin aisle at your local drugstore? Are you tired of spending money on supplements that you might not even need? If so, Dr. Oz has the answers you need to get the 5 most important vitamins without taking a pill! These are the ones every woman needs in her diet.

Dr Oz: Pistachios Best Source of Vitamin B

Dr Oz: Best Vitamin C Food Source + Eat Salmon for Vitamin D

Dr Oz says Red Bell Peppers contain 200% of your daily dose of Vitamin C, making them a great choice to get your vitamins without a pill.

Dr. Oz says to think of the alphabet the next time you visit the supermarket because that will be the best way to remember which foods to buy in order the get the vitamins your body needs.

Vitamin A – Carrots, cantaloupe and mangos are all good ways to get Vitamin A, but the best is actually sweet potatoes, so make sure you add one to your cart the next time you go shopping.

Vitamin B – Pistachios, bulgar, brown rice and chickpeas are all great sources of B Vitamins, with pistachios containing the highest amount.

Vitamin C – Red bell peppers contain the highest amount of Vitamin C and eating one a day supplies you with 200% of the daily recommendation.

Vitamin D – While fortified bran cereal and plain yogurt are good sources of Vitamin D, salmon is actually the best source because it contains Vitamin D3, which is what the body needs most.

Vitamin E – Sunflower seeds contain 30% of your daily dose of Vitamin E, which makes them the best source!

Did you add all these foods to your next shopping list? Do you already have any of them in your kitchen? Which one is your favorite?

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