Dr Oz: Can You Get An IUD If You Don’t Have Kids? Estrogen Cancer Risk


Dr Oz: Women’s Health Myths

Many women have a trusting relationship with the gynecologist, but medical science is constantly changing. Does your doctor really know the truth about women’s health? Learn the truth about your estrogen cancer risk and IUD recommendations from Dr Oz and an expert.

Dr Lauren Streicher has been a gynecologist for over two decades. She surveyed hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients to find out what women do not know about their own health, and the myths that even doctors believe.

Dr Oz: Gynecologist Myths

Dr Oz: Can You Get An IUD If You Don't Have Kids? Estrogen Cancer Risk

Dr Oz busted gynecology myths. Is there an estrogen cancer risk? Can you get an IUD if you don’t have kids? Do you have to quit the pill at age 40?

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