Dr Oz: Common UTI Symptoms & Cranberry Juice UTI Remedy


Dr Oz: What Causes a UTI?

Have you ever had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)? Would you recognize the symptoms? Dr. Oz says a dipstick urine test is not the only way to diagnose a UTI so he invited an audience member to be his Assistant of the Day and help explain the four main symptoms of a UTI.

Dr Oz: How to Prevent a UTI

Dr Oz: Common UTI Symptoms & Cranberry Juice UTI Remedy

Dr Oz says Cranberry Juice helps to prevent and treat a UTI and you only need to drink a small amount to get relief!



  1. Connie says

    Dr. Oz, I used to have UTI’s frequently. Went to urologist, lots of urethral dilatations, and tons of sulfa drugs. Never had a problem until I got married and became intimately active. My family practice doctor recommended cranberry juice. I drank it everyday and uti’s became history. Now I take a cranberry tablet everyday and never have a problem. Might note that if I would drink pop/sodas, I would get a UTI within 24 hours..

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