Dr Oz: Dr G OTC Medicine Ulcer Risks – Ibuprofren & Naproxen Warning


Dr Oz: Dr G OTC Medications #1 Cause of Ulcer

Dr. Oz and Dr. Jan Garavaglia, or Dr. G as she’s known as by her fans, revealed important medical clues that help Dr. G solve sudden or unexpected deaths. They talked about the warning signs of Cirrhosis of the Liver and the risks of developing blood clots if you are overweight.

Dr Oz: Dr G Clues to Solve a Sudden Death

In this particular case, the deceased is a 51-year-old female who was 5’ 8’ tall and weighed 145 pounds at the time of her death. The only medical history is a complaint of chronic pain. She was prescribed a narcotic by her physician, but was mostly using over-the-counter drugs to treat her pain. The woman went out for drinks with friends in the evening and the next morning her boyfriend claims he found her dead in her bed.

Dr G Autopsy Clues: OTC Medicine Ulcer Risks

Dr Oz: Dr G OTC Medicine Ulcer Risks - Ibuprofren & Naproxen Warning

Dr. G, medical examiner, warns that overuse of non-steroidal OTC drugs can lead to ulcer and sometimes bleeding to death.


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