Dr Oz: Estrogen Causes Moodiness in Women + Dr Oz Plays The Cup Game


Dr Oz: Estrogen Hormones and Moodiness in Women

So far on today’s Dr. Oz Show the kids have busted myths, embarrassed their parents, and even outsmarted Dr. Oz, but now it is time for the moms to get a little payback as they compete against their daughters by taking a quiz and racing through an obstacle course.

Dr Oz: Estrogen Causes Moodiness in Women + Dr Oz Plays The Cup Game

Dr Oz says estrogen hormones are responsible for causing moodiness in women and their teenage daughters.

  • Acne is a condition that causes red zits, blackheads, and pimples in teens, adolescents and even some adults.
  • Deodorant is rolled or sprayed on your body when you start puberty to mask the smell of stinky, sweaty armpits.
  • Estrogen hormones are responsible for cranky moms as well as moody daughters who are going through puberty.

Dr Oz: Best Excuses to Miss School

We all know that a kid’s favorite day of the week is one when they do not have to go to school, so Dr. Oz asked a couple of eighth graders to play a game he calls Excuses, Excuses! because nothing is better than getting out of going to school.

  1. Food poisoning is the best stomach excuse to miss class.
  2. Having an appointment for your annual physical is the best “heart” excuse to miss work or school.
  3. A headache is the best “brain” excuse to get out of going to a family function.
  4. Someone in your family who is sick with the flu is the best nausea excuse to miss a friend’s party.

Dr Oz: The Cup Game

The coolest new trend is playing “Cups” to the tune of a song that is fun and easy to do with your friends. Dr. Oz says it is also great for your concentration, which is good for the health of your brain and could literally add years to your life.


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