Dr Oz: Female Energy Drinks & How Much Caffeine is in a Cup of Coffee?


Dr Oz: Female Energy Drinks Review

Energy drinks promise to give you all you need to get through the day and up until now they have been marketed toward men, but more and more companies are creating “female-friendly” energy drinks. The question is, are they right for you?

Dr Oz: Common Energy Drink Buzzwords

Kristin Kirkpatrick, a registered dietitian, says we have typically seen energy drinks being sold to college kids and athletes, but many brands have recently ventured into a new demographic as they hope to get tired moms to purchase their drinks. Here are some of the most popular “buzz” words found on energy drink bottles.



  1. says

    I my self do not drink coffee, it makes me sleepy, also i do not drink energy drink because my husband was drinking energy drink (AMP) back around 2004-2005 and he develope a very bad heart and then other issues with his heart and now he is on a LVAD Heart Pump, i advise no one to drink Energy drink.

    thank you,
    Kathleen, GA.

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