Dr Oz: Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Risk Factors & How To Get a Diagnosis


Dr Oz: What is Fibromyalgia?

If you are tired, exhausted and in pain a lot of time you cannot afford to miss this episode of the Dr. Oz Show! He is discusssing the Disease Doctors Miss Most, Fibromyalgia, to arm you with information the next time you visit the doctor’s office.

Dr Oz: Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Dr. Jennifer Caudle told Dr. Oz Fibromyalgia is a chronic pain syndrome and can be very debilitating for patients. She explained a few of the most common symptoms:

  • Widespread pain over the entire body
  • Pain in muscles and connective tissues
  • Pain that lasts for three months or longer
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr Oz: Fibromyalgia Symptoms, Risk Factors & How to Get a Diagnosis

Dr Oz & Dr Jennifer Chaudle discussed Fibromyalgia symptoms, risk factors and how to get a proper diagnosis so you can end your pain and get your energy back!


  1. Ella says

    I suffered if the symptoms of fibromyalgia fo 25 years before I happened, by luck, to go to a walk-in clinic that had a Doctor who was treated arthritis diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I was told in the past that I had IB, arthritis, depression, arithmia, senitive stomach, migraine headaches, allergies, nuero muscular disorder, tendinitis, bursitis and the list goes on and on. Once I had the fibromyalgia diagnosis and stared on treatments and medications for it I felt better, because I did not feel like a hypochondriac that the Doctors had said I was to my family.
    Thank you for educating people about this hidden disease that still has some people saying you are just faking it.

  2. Devon Oppenheimer says

    I was recently informed by my primary doctor that I probably have fibromyalgia. I had the blood work required to eliminate other maladies and they all came up negative. She treated me with Cymbalta, which helps a lot with the pain, but the thing that raised my spirits and gave me hope for a less painful future was that Dr. Sheeba Mesghali believed what I was telling her about my pain and LISTENED to what I had to say, unlike the doctor I had been seeing for 12 years, prior to switchuing.
    Dr. M. came up with the fibromyalgia diagnosis within a year of meeting me, whereas my previous doctor seemed to assume I was just malingering. I never understood where he got this idea, as my visits to him had always been few and mainly routine before the all over pain befell me. He repeatedly referred to aches and pains being associated with growing older (I’m 46 now) and told me, on differing occasions, that I “probably had arthritis,” i had a “swayback,” and that I had “scoliosis,” After much research and hindsight, I believe my fibromyalgia was initially triggered by a back injury I sustained at the gym. I had x-rays, which showed nothing and my then doctor gave me a prescription for Tramadol. I took it as directed, but when it came time to get a fourth refill, he had his nurse call me and intimate his concern about the addictive properties of the pill.Now, apparently, I was a junkie! I was only taking it twice a day and it barely touched the pain. Plus, I knew it could be taken safely up to 8 times a day, so I couldn’t see why they were refusing to refill it and insisting I go to a pain clinic!
    My pain clinic experience was expensive; I paid over $400 out of pocket (portion uncovered by my insurance) just for required drug testing, which, of course, revealed that I don’t take illegal drugs…I could have told them that for free! On mysecond visit to the clinic, I informed the doctor that my pain had subsided and that I must have healed and wouldn’t be needing any pain medication after all. In the meantime, I switched my primary care doctor to the Divine Miss M.! Of course, my pain came back shortly after establishing myself as a new patient. I sure am glad I finally ended up with someone who was curious enough about what I was saying to her and compassionate enough to want to alleviate my suffering to investigate the situation properly and get to the bottom of it.
    Two days ago, I finally returned to the gym, after a year and a half hiatus. I’m taking it slow…just cardio for now. I feel so much love and gratitude to Dr. Mesghali for getting me to a place that I never believed I’d see again!

  3. says

    As a fibro patient since 1995, I have to say there were some key things that helped me regain my life. i still have to be extremely careful about pacing myself, but the drug Savella, and medical marijuana.were two major factors, aqua therapy in a 96* salt water pool was a third.
    It’s good to see coverage of this misunderstood illness, as the public really needs to be educated about it. Just because I don’t look sick…..

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