Dr Oz: Gardasil Vs Cervarix HPV Vaccine Side Effects For What Ages?


Dr Oz: HPV Vaccination

Dr Oz spent his show talking about HPV cancer risks, HPV Pap Testing, and other HPV questions from viewers who wanted to know more about their risks. Find out about the Gardasil and Cervarix HPV Vaccines and the ages of patients who should get them.

Many people wanted to know more about the HPV Vaccine, which is often a hot topic in health policy. Audience member Kirk lost his daughter four years ago, at age 23, to Cervical Cancer. She was diagnosed shortly after graduating from college and died of cancer within a year.

Dr Oz: HPV Vaccine for Parents?

Dr Oz: Gardasil Vs Cervarix HPV Vaccine Side Effects & Parents' Advice

Dr Oz talked about the HPV vaccines Gardasil vs Cervarix. Are you too old or too young for the HPV vaccine? Can men get the HPV Vaccine?


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